SoftConstruct opened NFT’s first physical store in Dubai

The company announced the opening of its first physical NFTs store in the Mall of the Emirates (Dubai), offering various digital collectibles.

SoftConstructan international technology company, which encompasses more than eight brands offering services related to software development, and with more than 16 offices around the world, brings a novelty to change the way of acquiring and trading NFTs.

In this way, it presents its project called ftNFTftNFT: a project that aims to bring together enthusiasts of non-fungible tokens and cryptoassets, in one place, where they can interact and explore the various services that will be offered by the platform.

SoftConstruct has launched its “ftNFT Store“, whose first physical location is in one of Dubai’s main shopping malls. With this new concept, the company aims to provide users with the possibility to search, buy and sell NFT in person at its physical stores.

In addition, those who visit the stores will be able to appreciate various works of art in physical format, as well as create their own 3D avatars, using a professional 3D scanner, according to data provided by the company itself.

On display at the store will be various limited edition offerings, and other products from high-end artists in the malls located in Dubai. Virgen Badalyan, co-founder of SoftConstruct, communicated the incorporation of the digital field into the real one.

In this regard, he said that the company has managed to open its first ftNFT physical store in a renowned shopping mall in Dubai, which happens to be one of the most touristic entertainment destinations in the city. The store will offer exclusive offers and innovative works to fans who visit to exploit and interact with the NFTs.

Those who were able to attend the inaugural event received NFT access to the event, which was free of charge, and allowed them to enter the event. There they were able to interact with artists and suppliers of digital collectibles and meet them in person.

Importantly, Amrita Sethi, who is the first NFT artist from the UAE, was present. Amrita succeeded in creating a method to link art with life by means of Voice Note Art.

The ftNFT stores seek to provide a space for anyone to attend and interact with other fans of the subject, as well as to enjoy the link between technology and art.

These stores use part of their space to sell artworks in NFT format, which bring advances in sustainable design issues and a great team of professionals predisposed to help with discovery and engagement, making the process of buying a collectible quick and easy.

In another part of the physical spaces of the stores, information and education is provided to people, so that they can learn about Web3 and NFT, so that they can test and get all their concerns out of the way.

It is important to clarify that one of the objectives of the creation of these physical stores is to generate innovative ideas, in addition to giving people the possibility of monetizing their work.

After seeing the large turnout at the opening of this event, the company is now planning to launch a second physical store in the Dubai Mall.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express