Sir Anthony Hopkins, the actor’s new collection of NFTs

Anthony Hopkins, after releasing his film “Zero Contact” in NFT format, joins the Orange Comet platform to launch a collection of the actor’s digital works.

The NFT collection will be called “Anthony Hopkins: The Eternal Collection” with the collaboration of Orange Comet, who on their YouTube channel launched the official trailer of the collection.

As a true renaissance man Sir Anthony Hopkins emerged as a painter in 2005. He has vibrant abstract paintings that continually evolve and are featured in distinguished collections around the world. The Eternal Collection is an interpretation of the vast archetypes of the characters Anthony Hopkins has portrayed throughout his extensive and successful film career. The collection draws energy from his exhilarating body of art, including animations of the hero, the rebel, the magician, the sage, the ruler, the explorer, the lover, the creator, the giver and the jester. The NFTs will be approximately 30 to 45 seconds long.

The auction features an iconic 1:1 animated NFT of iconic 1:1 animation incorporating all 10 characters. By obtaining the NFT you will have exclusive benefits and promotions. It will be separated into three phases and the first phase will be called “Iconic Category” in which you will get these bonuses:

  • NFT framed art prints.

  • An intimate and exclusive lunch/brunch with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

  • An autographed Dreamscapes art book featuring hundreds of full-color images of paintings and drawings by Sir Anthony Hopkins, offering an intimate look at his artwork, poetry and music.

  • An exclusive audio clip of Sir Anthony Hopkins discussing the different archetypes during a creative meeting with Orange Comet.

The second collection will be called “Legendary Category” and will offer 10 exclusive 1:1 animation NFTs, each with a different character archetype where these benefits will be obtained:

  • Intimate discussion with Sir Anthony Hopkins (via Discord).

  • NFT framed art prints.

  • Dreamscapes autographed book.

  • Sir Anthony Hopkins’ exclusive audio clip.

The third batch of the collection will be called “Distinguished Category” where 1000 unique 1:1 images based on the 10 characters (100 variants for each character) will be delivered including the following benefits:

  • 39 random buyers receive an autographed Dreamscapes art book.

  • 5 buyers will be randomly selected to join an intimate discussion with Sir Anthony Hopkins via Discord.

  • Exclusive audio clip of Sir Anthony Hopkins.

This is not the first time Anthony Hopkins has joined the non-fungible token boom, as, earlier in the years he released the film “Zero Contact” on the platform. Fly. It offered 2500 collectibles called “Exclusive Edition” where they included the feature film, a featurette on how it was made, a signed poster and three randomly customized stickers.

Another 25,000 NFTs called “Collector’s Edition” which includes both the feature film and the unsigned poster.

Vuele is the first direct-to-user feature film viewing and distribution platform. Holders of NFTs will be able to become owners of exclusive limited edition films and non-fungible token content that can be viewed, collected, sold and traded on the same platform.

The feature film was produced in 17 countries entirely virtually during the pandemic. It tells the story of five characters from around the world connected only by their idolatry for the late technological genius Finley Hart (played by Anthony Hopkins). They are forced to work together to shut down Hart’s most secret invention, a time machine that seeks to solve humanity’s problems and resolve the end of life on Earth.

Finally, Orange Comet has also collaborated with NFTs collections for TV shows such as The Walking Dead, wrestling sports, NFL (American soccer) and one of the characters created by Stan Lee, the legendary creator of Marvel comics, called “Chakra, the Invincible”. The curiosity is that it was released in honor of Stan Lee’s 99th birthday with limited NFTs collectibles in relation to one of his first international superheroes.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.