Set In Series: Historical NFT collections with time-linked value

Set In Series is an infrastructure project aimed at creating and developing advanced tools in the NFT field, providing opportunities to all people who want to become direct participants in the digital art market.

History is a great value for mankind, and Set In Series offers an opportunity for every person to become the guardian of this value. Set In Series comes to become a new niche in the NFT market, laying the foundation for the development of historical collections. This niche will absorb the most significant large-scale events around the world on web3, blockchain and NFT.

It is a project of infrastructure and novel collections that include historical moments obtained from real life. In this way, they materialize them into NFT collections, which are forever hosted on the blockchain using IPFS technology. Thus, they allow users to keep their NFTs regardless of how the servers are running.

Set In Series is moving in a new direction, which includes historic and highly rare NFTs whose value is determined by time. This exists for true collectors looking for something unique that combines digital art with contemporary history. This is where the transformation of the NFT market takes place, thanks to the merging of artists and collectors, forming a large-scale community.


The birth of this collection took place during the most important web3 event worldwide, the Ethereum Merge. The Set In Merge collection is the only collection that has been created between the end of the PoW consensus protocol and the new PoS. All owners of these NFTs are involved in this event.

The first 15 seconds of the appearance of SIM tokens in the PoS consensus have marked a new era in Ethereum’s transformation to a more environmentally friendly and greener blockchain.

They also state that they are developing different utilities for NFT SIM holders. Among other benefits, they will be eligible to receive digital items from future collections, participate in sweepstakes, and some privileges such as access to the private Set In Club, which they are planning to develop in the future.

On the other hand, they argue that the SIM collection is quite different from other collections on the market, mainly because of its philosophy of creating value over time. This collection is tied to a very important real-life event. As more time elapses since the Ethereum Merge, the more value the SIM NFTs will have, just as with works of art written in centuries past.

The star item of the collection is“The King“. This NFT has been created between the last possible PoW block and the first PoS block. There are only 51 of these NFTs. Holders of these tokens will be selected to receive NFTs from any future Set In Series official collection for free, as well as have access to all of the brand’s products, without the need to have a POAP.

Diamond and Gold NFTs will provide holders with great discounts on various collections, as well as participation in sweepstakes and the possibility of receiving a number of NFTs from future collections.

Silver and Bronze NFTs will allow cardholders to participate in future NFT sales with guaranteed discounts and whitelist. POAP NFTs will be the entrance to the Club and will provide the possibility to use all the features.


The QUEEN PIX collection is the second collection presented as part of the Set In Series collections, which tell the story of the changing British monarchy in the year 2022.

The main character of this collection is Queen Pix. She is represented walking in her elegant attire; often accompanied by her animals and sometimes in the most representative places of her country. Queen Pix is the sense of style, elegance and sophistication that have always been inherent in monarchies. With this collection, the team seeks to convey the spirit of the era, preserving its memory forever in modern history.


It is a small collection of several dozen NFTs, intended to claim Set In Merge rewards received by the stake holders. These NFTs are distributed free of charge to the first users who contribute to the success of Set In Series. Holding these NFTs means that they will be able to claim the rewards from the creators of a SIM at any time within the club.

These NFTs may be transferred, donated or even sold to other users along with the right to claim the aforementioned rewards.


The objectives they pursue can be divided into different points, such as:

a) One of their priorities is the creation of the Set In Club closed club, and simultaneously the launch of a marketplace where the collections of various artists and projects will be presented. In addition, they plan to integrate an incubator model into the marketplace, as well as to provide assistance for artists and projects that intend to make their names known worldwide.

b) Create a communication platform with representatives of digital art, where they will interview the brightest and most experienced representatives of the industry, creating a favorable environment for industry developers. By having a closed club, artists and collectors will be able to communicate with each other, exchange opinions, share experiences, and even create unique works.

c) The next level of development will be the creation of an Auction House, where individual copies of digital art by the world’s best artists will be offered for sale.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express