Seedify launches NFT collection: ‘The Mounts’.

It is one of the most important Launchpad platforms and incubator for blockchain games and players. In this case it announced the launch of ‘The Mounts’ NFTs.

Seedify offers services for the ‘Play to Earn’ game mode , and revolutionize the way of interacting in the video game industry.

From an official article from Seedify they argue that while gaming used to be based solely on fun, in this new era players can earn money from the time they spend playing games, through earning in-game tokens and NFTs.

In addition to this, one of Seedify’s main objectives is to empower developers of innovative projects through funding, community building, achieving collaborations, NFTs, a support system to incentivize blockchain games, metaverses to its community through various events, among other services.

Among some of its major successes, we can mention its more than 50 IGO (Initial Game Offering) projects, in addition to having launched its launchpad platform and its NFT marketplace.

In this way, they achieved another milestone and that was the launch of their native NFT token, called $SNFTS. As mentioned from the companyAs mentioned by the company, all digital assets can now be owned, tested and traded thanks to NFTs.

In this sense, they claim that ‘Seedify NFT Space‘ has its focus on 2 areas: ‘metaverse assets‘ and ‘in-game assets‘. From Seedify, they intend to help game developers and asset creators in the metaverse in their activities, so that their users can understand what they are buying and be able to finance what they like the most.

On this occasion, they have launched a collection of 10,000 NFTs called “The Mounts”, which is one of their first steps towards becoming a bridge to the metaverse. The mint date is set for February 13, 2023.

Thus, ‘The Mounts’ becomes the vehicle for user-generated content in its metaverse, called SeedWorld. This space provides players with the tools to develop their own games. At the same time, it supports game designers by offering various accelerators for them.

The Mounts’ will be a companion to SeedWorld, allowing players to increase save space, travel faster, and much more. In addition, it will feature various types of mounts and in five different levels of rarity: common, rare, epic, legendary and mythical.


One of the points they manage to attack is that games and metaverses need an NFT platform that can provide a better user experience. Among the main functions of the platform you can find:

  • Auto-Launch Functions: thanks to a network of launch pads through Seedify IGO, IMO and INO Launchapds. To be able to provide support in matters of community building, consulting, etc.

  • Reward Functions: every exchange that takes place in the ‘Seedify NFT Space‘ has the possibility to earn rewards in RNG, which are realized by NFTs.

  • Cheaper Transaction-fees: thanks to its native $SNFTS token. Its main goal is to reduce transaction fees and increase RNG rates for rewards on rare NFTs.

  • $SNFTS Airdrops: with the launch of an initial airdrop, which initially was the only way to be able to have these tokens.

Among the most important benefits of owning SNFTS are 50% reduced rates in Seedify’s NFT marketplace; you can buy the best resources in the game and metaverse, stake and farming for passive income; achieve a higher RNG rate for NFTs airdrops, among others.

Regarding Seedify NFT Space, they mention that they prioritize in-game utilities, lands and metaverse assets, such as In-game Items through NFTs, Lands for those looking to own them, Metaverse Wearables to exchange between characters, Personalized Assets, including even cars, and many more.

On the other hand, we can find the $SFUND token, which is mainly intended for crowdfunding collections and ideas by funding artists’ concepts with $SFUND, in exchange for rewards (which can be virtual or physical), NFTs, etc.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express