San Lorenzo launches its NFT collection

San Lorenzo de Almagro becomes one of the first soccer clubs in Argentina to launch its digital merchandise collection. This project has been carried out in conjunction with the company Shirtum.

After much news, and particularly the one announced in mid-August on the official club websiteThe day of the official launch of the Argentinean soccer club’s collection of non-fungible tokens has arrived.

The San Lorenzo de Almagro club is one of Argentina’s soccer teams with the longest history and trajectory. In the last hours they are becoming a trend for their novel announcement about their inclusion to the web3 world with their limited collection of non fungible tokens. This collection will be called“Los Cuervos“, and will have a series of limited avatars, with their characteristics, rarities and unique attributes.

Starting on Friday, October 14, fans and club members will be able to access the NFT collection. The collection will include 1,908 unique and free digital works.

The digital collection is the result of a collaboration between the club and Shirtum, a company that promotes innovations in web 3.0, and one of its main objectives is to generate a space for connection between soccer teams and their fans. Shirtum is a large NFT platform of European origin, which has among its investors Papu Gómez, who is currently playing for Sevilla in Spain.

As stated in the official announcement, this proposal focuses on the development of NFTs that link the club’s history through art, leaving a legacy for future generations.

In addition to the NFTs, various benefits are offered to collectors, which promote the club’s approach to its fans, thus providing them with unique experiences that could not be provided in any other environment.

The collection offers the possibility of claiming one of the 1,908 unique “Crows” that will immortalize the best moments of the club’s entire history, among other themes.

This is one of the first cases in which an Argentinean soccer club launches a collection of NFT under the Profile Picture Avatars format. In this way, the club demonstrates that everything evolves, besides soccer.

On behalf of Shirtum, they claim that those holders of a Raven will receive multiple benefits, such as the possibility of completing challenges among the community of supporters, as well as the option of having exclusive access to club rewards in the online world, and in real life as well.

The person who is in charge of the different illustrations is The False 9a well known artist from Madrid. With many followers in his social networks, you can appreciate his various works he has done, focused mainly on the world of soccer and the portrait of different legends.

As stated in their official press release, initially during the first 72 hours those members who completed the priority access form will have access. Then, from October 17 to 20, the rest of the fans will be able to access the collection in order to get their own Cuervo.

Those interested should connect their wallet connect or metamask to the platform, through the Ethereum network. After the minting is finished, they will carry out a raffle of the first reward of the collection among all users who agreed to get their own Cuervo.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express