Salinas Packaging Group links NFTs to sustainability project

The company announced the launch of an NFT collection with the aim of linking it to a reforestation project of one hectare of forest and to its corporate social responsibility plans.

Salinas Packagin Group is a leading company in Spain in premium cardboard packaging, with a track record of more than 25 years. On this occasion, it has decided to take a step forward in its corporate social responsibility plans, linking technology and environmental transformation.

It has thus decided to integrate non-fungible tokens into its strategy for 2023. The project is called SALINAS NFT FOREST, whose purpose is linked to its gas emission offsetting objectives and its positive social impact plans.

This action will allow you to give CO2 offsets to customers and stakeholders, turning the reforestation of a burned forest in Spain, which belonged to a forest territory in 2019, into an NFT collection.

Therefore, as the non-fungible tokens are exact representations of different types of assets and have the possibility of being transferred, among other positive characteristics, the company has decided to bet on this technology and use it for its Green Plan, as well as for its Social Responsibility Plan.

Thus, it has launched a collection of 50 NFT, where each token represents a fraction of the 1000 square meters of trees that will be planted, in addition to certifying the offsetting of emissions that its customers will be able to declare as their own.

This hectare belongs to the Iruelas Valley, located in the National Reserve of the Sierra de Gredos, which was burned in 2019. In this way, the aim is to maintain a thousand trees for more than forty years.

The company has designed an action plan for 2023, especially with regard to environmental sustainability, to comply with its renewable energy plan, to obtain Zero Waste certification, and to create its Product Life Cycle Analysis tool.

Antonio Martinez, founder and CEO of Salinas Packaging Group, has stated that the concept of the project at the beginning was to share what is most representative of SPG, its icon, which is a tree. Thus, the way the company found to do so was to give away all the CO2 compensation that a reforestation project can achieve in approximately forty years.

Salinas Packaging Group is a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2018, working under the FSC standards and the ECOVADISreports, and obtained the support of the agency ROI UP Group for the project, in order to provide support and digital ecosystem, marketing and communication plan. It has also collaborated with Bosques Sostenibles, the company linked to the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITECO).

The Salinas NFT Forest collection is located on the platform OpenSeaplatform, whose tokens have been developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT represents a tree emerging from a luxury chest, one of the company’s most important products.

As an extra detail, and in order to materialize this project in a physical form, the company designed a book called La Memoria de los Árboles, which consists of a compilation of photographs by the artist Pierre-Louis Ferrer. Pierre-Louis Ferrer. Each book will be personalized for each recipient company.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express