Royal Caribbean and its Metaverse experiences

It was recently officially announced through Celebrity Cruises: one of the brands operated by Royal Caribbean that is venturing into the metaverse.

Royal Caribbeanone of the world’s largest cruise operators, announced that they will enter the metaverse with a very innovative proposal. In this sense, they will offer their own virtual experience under the name of Wonderverse, where users will be able to interact and exchange their NFTs.

Those who wish to enjoy a novel experience will be able to join a virtual cruise in the Wonderverse space to tour the facilities, visit the cities visited on the cruises, play games and participate in activities, swim in the pools and even have drinks at the bar, among others.

Wonderverse allows players to create their own avatars, explore four areas of the Wonderverse, and even meet Captain Kate McCue. Celebrity Beyondand even meet Captain Kate McCue. These areas include the Resort Deck, The Grand Plaza, Martini Bar, The Sunset Bar and The Magic Carpet.

It will also serve several real-life purposes, such as using Wonderverse as a tool for travel agencies, by being offered as an attraction for customers, especially as the company’s most innovative product.

On the other hand, guests can find brand information material such as explanatory videos inside the Resort Deck. Those who play inside the metaverse will be able to learn more about the brand’s destinations, such as Santorini, Alaska, St. Lucia and Japan.

Wonderverse is one of the many tools of the marketing team, so people who visit the Celebrity Cruises metaverse will have the possibility to buy a real trip if they liked the experience provided in the virtual world. In this way, they are offered the possibility to book their next vacation from the metaverse itself.

Celebrity Cruises CEO Josh Rush said the company is the first cruise line to offer such an immersive virtual experience in the metaverse, transforming the way tourists plan and visualize their cruise before they travel aboard one.

Rush adds that he believes that a shift in society towards the metaverse is inevitable, even though we are currently in the first steps. He points out that just as each company has its own website and social media accounts, over time each will also have its own space in the metaverse.

Lutoff Perlo, the firm’s president and CEO, announced that Celebrity Beyond is among the company’s newest and most luxurious ships, and they felt it was the best fit to showcase its state-of-the-art design in the Wonderverse itself.

Michael Scheiner, Celebrity Cruises’ chief marketing officer, said they have revolutionized cruise ship design, and now they are revolutionizing where cruises can be experienced as well.

With these new business strategies in the metaverse, Celebrity Cruises intends this to be the beginning of its expansion and adoption into the virtual world, where some of its next steps may be the incorporation of virtual room tours, for example.

On the other hand, as a long-term goal, Scheiner stated that they are looking forward to becoming one of the largest ecommerce platforms worldwide.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express