Discover Rosario’s tourist NFTs: a unique and original experience thanks to blockchain and NFC technology

Rosario, the city located in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, is the first destination to launch NFTs exclusively for tourism purposes in the country. In this NFTexpress article, we will explain how to win your NFT for free, thanks to NFC technology.

Rosario launched its innovative project and became the first city in Argentina to offer free NFTs exclusively for tourism purposes. The news was announced by the official social networks of “Rosario Tourism” where it was explained that it is a new and novel way of linking with tourists through the use of blockchain and NFC technology.

As we review daily at NFTexpress, we know that non-fungible tokens are unique and unrepeatable digital assets that thanks to the use of blockchain technology can be certified and consequently turned into original pieces through smart contracts.

Now, Rosario joins the adoption and innovation that NFTs need to become a massively used technology. In addition, thanks to the support of NFC technology, which is currently used to quickly and easily mine Rosario’s NFT, it will allow any tourist who passes through “The ETUR Tourist Information Center“Belgrano and Buenos Aires, will be able to obtain their badge to corroborate, among other things, that they were visiting the city where figures such as Lionel Messi and Ángel Di María were born.

The NFT in question, which Rosario will now deliver, is a POAP or also known as a “Badge” that can be hosted on accounts such as WeLook, a Web3 social application that connects users around the world, allows them to view profiles and access 100 percent tokenized experiences.

Find out how Rosario’s NFTs use NFC technology for a unique tourist experience

The non-fungible tokens to be delivered by the city of Rosario, located in Argentina, Santa Fe, combines blockchain technology and NFC or Near Field Communication.located in Argentina, Santa Fe, combines blockchain technology and NFC, or Near Field Communication, for its acronym in English.

This technology allows tourists passing through “The Tourist Information Center of the ETUR” to get a unique interactive experience so far. It has also been confirmed that there will be more NFTs to be collected, which will be added as the days go by in all the tourist spots of Santa Fe city.

Going back to NFC technology, it enables short-range wireless communication between devices, and in this case, it will allow tourists to scan an NFC identifier with their cell phones to receive a unique NFT automatically in their WeLook or POAP profile.

In addition, RosarioTurismo has confirmed that owners of these non-fungible tokens will be able to access additional tourist experiences and discounts at local businesses in the area. Finally, NFC technology is also used in this case to authenticate the ownership of the NFT and ensure that it is unique and exclusive..

What do you need on your cell phone to get a unique Rosario NFT?

This new initiative of the government of Rosario seems extremely interesting, since Rosario is one of the most visited tourist spots in Argentina, as the Argentine star was born there, Lionel Messi and other important sportsmen such as Angel Di Maria, Maximiliano Rodriguez, Ezequiel Garay, Javier Mascherano y Ezequiel Lavezziamong others.

To get a unique NFT from Rosario, you will need a cell phone that has the NFC function, if you still don’t know what NFC is all about, I leave you a list of all the smartphones that come with this function, find out about them here here.

Also, you will need to have a cryptographic wallet such as MetaMask or simply, an email associated to an App that supports NFTs, for example: WeLook o POAP. Both applications are specially created to receive this type of tokens that will let you quickly verify that you are the owner of a non-fungible token.

Finally, if you would like a demonstration of what the tourist information center looks like, where the terminal is located and how to use your cell phone to mine this NFT, you can go to this video and understand everything about Rosario’s new NFTs.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.