Romania joins the Web3 revolution with its innovative NFT marketplace

This is an initiative that seeks to bring together the public and private sectors. The National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics is in charge of the development of the NFT platform.

Romania seeks to consolidate its position as another country that takes the decision to take its first steps in the Web3 and NFT field, in order to boost technological progress in its territory, and thus be able to offer services to citizens in an innovative and disruptive way.

A precedent related to the fact that a government takes the decision to link with the technology offered by Web3, has been South Korea when announcing the Metaverse Fund, by which that country has expressed its support in actions of merger and acquisition of companies in the ecosystem, as we have reported. communicated at the time from NFTexpress.

On this occasion, Romania has taken the decision to move forward in the Web3 field with the launch of an NFT platform to link the public and private sectors. To this end, the body in charge of developing the institutional NFT marketplace is the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI Bucharest). (ICI Bucharest).

Through the platform called ICI D | Services, public, private and institutional users will be able to mint, manage and exchange digital collectibles on blockchain from April 26.

One of the main objectives of the platform is to create a link between institutions and users in the public and private sectors. In addition, the NFT platform will start its launch with 5 NFT collections to inaugurate its opening. These collections have been created with the collaboration of athletes, organizations and recognized institutions from Romania.

In recent years, ICI Bucharest has paid a lot of attention to research and development within its action plans. That is why, upon discovering the great interest that blockchain, Web3 and NFT have been arousing in the population, the Institute has decided to do research on the subject.

Gheorghe, CEO of ICI Bucharest, said that non-fungible tokens have gained significant traction over the past few years, thanks to their ability to generate unique and scarce assets, which can also be applied to a wide range of use cases.

A precedent on the part of ICI Bucharest, has been the beginning of the development and implementation of the architecture of the market system in mid 2022, thanks to the collaboration that has been formalized with the company MultiversXwhich plays the role of providing blockchain solutions and infrastructure.

In addition, Beniamin MincuCEO of MultiversX, has announced that a decentralized domain name system(DNS) and a top-level domain(TLD) ecosystem are also included in the tie-up with the company.

The development of the NFT marketplace is supported by the Romanian Government through the General Secretariat, as well as the Romanian Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization.

With this management, Romania can expect a large increase in interest and adoption of Web3 and NFT technology, thanks to the development of an NFT platform that offers security and trust for the exchange of non-fungible tokens.

ICI Bucharest argues that government support for innovative Web3 projects will improve the country’s economic potential by developing new sources of income, as well as fostering economic growth, entrepreneurship and many other benefits.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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