Ripio Makes a Grand Entry into Spain

Ripio, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America, broadens its horizon to Spain, introducing Ripio Wallet and EURC on the Stellar network.

Ripio, a leading name in the Latin American cryptocurrency sector with a robust user base of over 8 million, has proudly announced its foray into the Spanish market. This significant move comes after the company successfully secured a license as a Provider of Virtual Currency Exchange Services and Electronic Wallet Custody from the Bank of Spain.

Today, the company shared this exciting news, emphasizing its focus on the commercial development of its flagship product, Ripio Wallet. This web platform and mobile application are crafted to provide a straightforward way to deal with digital assets.

With the introduction of Ripio Wallet in Spain, users will now have the facility to send and receive cryptocurrencies in their wallets and exchange various crypto assets, including Ethereum, Polygon, Lightning Network, and Algorand. Ripio Wallet enters Spain, offering the same range of cryptocurrencies available in other countries where Ripio operates.

In addition to this, Ripio marks its Spanish journey with an integration in the European crypto ecosystem of the stablecoin EURC, pegged to the euro and developed by Circle, on the Stellar network. This integration will enable users in Spain to easily access this cryptocurrency and enjoy faster and more economical global transactions.

Ripio’s license from the Bank of Spain allows it to operate in the country, having demonstrated its compliance with the country’s anti-money laundering and terrorism financing standards.

As Ripio celebrates its tenth anniversary in the crypto industry, this expansion aligns with its continuous efforts to develop blockchain technology to meet various market needs in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, the United States, and now, Spain.

Sebastián Serrano, CEO and Co-founder of Ripio, expressed his enthusiasm about this expansion: “Starting in a new country and on a new continent will allow us to offer millions of people the benefits of the crypto ecosystem. We are thrilled as we have been building and expanding our products and services in Latin America and the United States for over 10 years, and are ready to make our mark in Europe. We are proud to have a presence in eight countries and continue to lead crypto adoption in the market.”

Ripio’s expansion to Spain is a significant step in reinforcing the company’s position as a leader in the crypto market and its ongoing commitment to global cryptocurrency adoption.