BOMBO, the Electronic Music NFT Ticketing App, Successfully Eliminates Ticket Fraud

Ingenia, a conglomerate specializing in solving the tech industry’s most complex challenges, has partnered in the development of BOMBO, a groundbreaking app designed for the electronic music community. The app aims for sustainable growth in Argentina and the surrounding regions.

BOMBO aims to redefine how music and events are experienced by integrating traditional ticket sales with NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology. Leveraging blockchain through smart contracts, these NFTs set specific rules and behaviors, offering transparency, traceability, and security in both the purchase and resale of tickets, effectively nullifying the chances of fraud and counterfeiting. Moreover, each ticket becomes a unique collectible piece of art.

The platform also plans to introduce more dynamic payment methods. The next phase in its development will allow tickets to be purchased using cryptocurrencies through Binance, Belo, and Metamask.

The app encourages interaction between DJs, producers, and club-goers by offering customizable profiles and sections for events and news to keep users updated on the electronic music scene. Currently, Bombo and Ingenia are developing a social fit feature (based on generative Artificial Intelligence) that allows all producers to have their social platforms within Bombo, encouraging continued community interaction.

Launched in May 2023, the project features Ingenia as its tech partner, providing a Fractional CTO responsible for strategic vision, tech direction, and assembling an engineering team to implement the required solutions.

Bebe Pueyrredón, Co-founder & CEO of BOMBO, stated, “Our primary goal is to completely transform the user experience in the electronic music scene. Bombo serves as a significant bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, incorporating elements of both.”

Gustavo Brey, Co-founder of Ingenia and Fractional CTO of BOMBO, added, “We are incredibly proud to be part of BOMBO, a platform set to revolutionize ticket sales through blockchain technology. At Ingenia, we believe that Web 3.0 will mark a turning point in how things are done, and we are committed to guiding organizations through this challenging and limitless journey.”