Renowned comic book artist promotes NFTs and Web3

This is Sean Chen, a great illustrator of comics for DC Comics, Marvel, among others. He has expressed his position to introduce himself to Web3, and work on his next NFTs.

Sean Chen is a great comic book artist and illustrator, recognized for his multiple works for several companies. Among them, we can mention Valiant Comics, DC Comics and even Marvel.

Among the most relevant comics of his career, we can find Iron Man, Wolverine, Batman, Avengers Academy, X-Men, among many others.

On this occasion it has generated repercussions in recent days for its intentions to make an original offering for the Web3 world, which would take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology.

In this sense, collaborating jointly with the startup 247 Comics in the development of a new generation of comics called “Genesis“, which is powered by NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Sean shared that after working more than three decades drawing the most well-known characters, he wanted to do something unique for new audiences looking for more depth in the story of his digital collectibles, as well as for his classic comic book customers.

For this new creation, Sean Chen is both writer and illustrator. We can see in the official site of 247 Comics the team in charge of the project, where Sean Chen is the Art Lead.

The Genesis collection is based on the scientist Lucas Zhang and his daughter, who have a difficult relationship. Some of the issues addressed are robotics, corporations, immortality, among others.

In addition, criticisms of Disney can be observed, made in a mixture of black humor and science fiction. The first edition will feature a large number of vignettes to handle the world.

In it you will find scenes of large robots driven by humans that contrast with the Bobo World theme park, a space that looks nice but is actually full of dark experiences.


In turn, this new collaboration will have its NFTs developed on the Ethereum blockchain, which will be based on the characters of the work, with the main purpose of providing readers with a new sense of belonging in the new digital era.

Thus, Sean Chen and Carl Choi, both collaborators for the startup 247 Comics, have launched one of the characters called Bobo. This launch has been done as a fractional NFT, which serves as an early access to various 247 Comics content.

These BiPlane Bobo NFTs are traded through the OpenSea marketplace, and have a total of 4655 tokens. So far, only 6% of the total are listed, and their starting price is around 0.0189 ETH.

On the other hand, both artists in charge of these NFTs have stated that new characters may probably be incorporated as NFTs in the future, although it is likely that they will not be split like Bobo.

In the following linkyou can see some of all the works on comics that Sean Chen has done, particularly for Marvel.

In turn, we share Sean Chen’s social networks to follow his work and news, such as his account on Instagramand his Twitter.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express