Renault enters the web3 with a NFT collection

The car company has begun preparations to enter the Web3 world with an NFT collection based on the historic “Renault 5” (R5) model.

Renault has been no exception to the cases of multiple companies deciding to take their first steps into Web3, having visualized the great potential brought by NFTs and the technology that drives them. The automaker is preparing for the launch of its first collection of non-fungible tokens, commemorating the 50th anniversary of its historic model, the Renault 5 (R5).

The collection is called“GenR5“, with a total quantity of 1,972 units (whose numbering coincides with the year of the commercial launch of the R5 model), and includes 4 different NFTs, but with common features. These collectibles are animated videos of short duration (9 seconds) and starring several variants of the iconic Renault 5 model. The official market launch date has been set for Thursday, December 15.

Specifically, there are 100 NFT that will reflect the first electric R5, referring to the 100 units produced between 1972 and 1974. Then there will be 160 units honoring the R5 Turbo, which refer to the amount of horsepower that brought the referred sports engine.

In turn, 450 tokens based on the R5 “Le Car Van” will be available, paying tribute to the number of units sold of that series, with its marked American style. And finally, there will be 1,262 units linked to the R5-TL, a model that reflects the revolution of urban vehicles of the time, whose version was the best-selling of all.

The most interesting thing is that each buyer of an NFT from the collection will receive one at random, so there is a chance to get one of the most exclusive in the collection.

The manufacturer mentions that an NFT is a digital property certificate, which represents a single element, which cannot be adulterated, modified or forged. This element is registered in the blockchain, and is used as a double certificate, both of authenticity and ownership.

Likewise, the company indicates that each NFT will be unveiled after purchase, and will grant various benefits to the owner. In this way, benefits are mentioned that can be physical or digital, such as the possibility of accessing exclusive events, access to the collection’s own content, merchandising or experiences related to the brand, among others.

The company of the diamond announced from the social network Twitter, that they are moving to the Web3 field to transform the brand, and to develop new unique experiences to offer its customers.

Thus, the manufacturer has created a new Twitter account dedicated exclusively to the launch of this NFT collection, called R3NLT, with an exclusive focus on Web3 and new technologies. In addition, the company has also created a channel on Discord to develop its own NFT and Web3 community.

Arnaud Belloni, the company’s Global Marketing Director, said that joining the R3NLT community is equal to developing a unique relationship with the brand, creating new experiences for all users. He added that there is no better way to start than with an NFT collection paying homage to the classic and iconic Renault 5 model.

These NFTs can be obtained through the web platform “R3NLT”. web platform developed exclusively for them, called“R3NLT“, so it is necessary to create a new user to obtain the tokens.

In addition, those who manage to buy an NFT will also contribute to“Give Me 5“, a charitable initiative from the company aimed at low-income young people in France. Fifty percent of the funds obtained from the sale of the collection will be destined to this charitable purpose. Among the causes promoted by this social solidarity program is the restoration of tennis courts so that young French people can play this sport.

In this way, the company of the diamond joins the trend of betting on this technological innovation as other car companies have already done, as we have seen Lamborghini, Ford, Porsche, Volkswagen, BMW, among others.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express