PUMA joins the metaverse and NFTs

The globally recognized sports brand is the latest to publish its entry into the metaverse and NFTs in pursuit of its innovation and adoption of these technologies that are booming and being used by large companies.

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It’s time for PUMA, the world-renowned sports brand created in Germany, to launch its new platform called “Black Station“PUMA launched its new platform called “Nitro NFRNO” and “Nitro FASTROID” (shown in the main image of the article).

In the month of August, NitroPass NFTs have been minted for users interested in participating in this project, which this month will be redeemable for some of these NFTs: the first is related to physical products, the other gives the opportunity to NitroPass owners to win access to personalized experiences linked to the chosen sneakers.

In addition, PUMA has confirmed that the physical sneakers will be unveiled and will be part of the “FUTROGRADE” show held at Fashion Week in New York City.

Heiko Desens, PUMA’s global creative director and chief innovation officer, said that they worked hard with the design team to first imagine these sneaker styles and then added that the work ended up being effective, as they were able to develop first the virtual and then the physical design identically to bring the shoe design to life.

Adam Petrik, PUMA’s brand director, talked about how they created this whole new experience for the brand’s users and fans. He said that the name “Black Station” was PUMA’s home for the most innovative fashion designs for twenty years and now they brought it to the metaverse. Also, he added that they want to push the boundaries of digitalization and product designs, that’s why they wanted to bring back Black Station, but now created with the collaboration of FTR and built with Unreal Engine 5 to generate state-of-the-art graphics.

On the other hand, within their metaverse you will be able to live the experience of entering 3 portals to get to know everything that their project offers on the web3. By connecting your wallet such as Metamask, you will have the opportunity to walk and connect to the three portals. Two of them are already enabled and are the ones that take you to know the two sneaker designs that we went over during the article (NFRNO and FASTROID).

The third portal takes users to the NYFW digital metaverse fashion show at Fashion Week where they will have the opportunity to live an immersive experience and interact directly with shoes from the latest collection.

The sneakers have their own descriptions by PUMA with the slogan “Sport is art”:

  • NFRNO focuses on a hybrid collision between the past and the future and drew inspiration from obscure styles already realized to come up with a multi-part construction.

  • FASTROID takes a high-performance technological silhouette to the extreme by obtaining high-impact gradient tones and exaggerated volumes of Nitro foam.

Which one do you like the most?

Recall that at the beginning of the year PUMA already acquired its. ENS (Ethereum Name Service) “PUMA.eth” and joined sports brands such as Adidas and Nike that also have in their possession these names. This assumes the innovations, services, and different attractions that these brands will bring to the NFTs industry for users who already live with virtual reality.

Finally, you can read the article on the income and earnings by NFTs achieved by several brands since joining the non-fungible token boom. Will PUMA be able to get into this ranking?

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.