PUMA celebrates 75 years with a limited edition Drop NFT

Puma, the renowned German sportswear brand, will celebrate its 75-year history with a limited edition Drop NFT. The collection will feature 10,000 PFP non-fungible tokens inspired by the Super PUMA comics.

Pumaone of the best known sportswear brands in the world, continues its journey on the Web3 and today, they confirmed that there will be a Drop NFT in commemoration of its 75th anniversary since its creation.

The collection of non-fungible tokens consists of 10,000 digital tokens called PFP, which are inspired by the “Super PUMA“and will review its most historic moments in the world of sports.

PUMA, made different comics in the 1970s. These comics told the adventures of a green cat called “Super PUMA”.Super PUMA“. This new NFT collection will have this puma as the main character and, at the same time, will highlight his most historic sporting moments during the last 75 years since the creation of the German brand, one of the most important in the world.

How I mentioned earlier, Puma will launch the NFT Drop of 10,000 digital assets that will serve as PFP or also known as profile pictures. which will serve as PFP or also known as profile pictures, with the objective that the community and fans of this company use the non-fungible tokens as profile pictures in social networks, since, this is a frequent action in users who participate in the Web3.

This new NFT collection from Puma adds to the company’s ongoing journey to dive deeper into the Web3 industry, having previously launched the NFRNO and FASTROID sneakers on its own metaverse platform called “Black Station. NFRNO and FASTROID sneakers on its own metaverse platform called “Black Station.”.

Also, about a year ago, the German company had registered its new ENS domain called Puma.eth, with the intention of further consolidating its intentions to enter the decentralized ecosystem.

Adam PetrickAdam Petrick, director of the brand, spoke about this new launch of NFTs and said that thanks to the growth generated by Puma’s Web3 community, this new project and Drop of non-fungible tokens can now be carried out effectively. He also added that the people who belong to the Puma community made their voices heard, as they wanted a launch of NFTs. Consequently, the company created the “Super PUMA” PFP NFT.

He concluded his press release by saying that the project was also carried out to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the brand and the constant work done to promote sports and culture through thousands of designs and innovation.

Super PUMA” digital collectibles

About the “Super PUMA” collection

This new Puma collection will be implemented as part of its “The Nitro Collection” project.The Nitro Collection” project, focused on digital fashion, especially different styles of sneakers. Owners of the “Nitro Collection” non-fungible tokens launched by Puma in August 2022, will be the first beneficiaries to gain access to the new Drop PFP NFT.

Also, owners of the collection launched last year will receive a PFP according to the amount of “Nitro NFT” they own.

On the other hand, PUMA and its new PFP comics partnered with the 10KTF digital marketplace. As a result, it will allow Super PUMA holders to participate in multiple 10KTF missions to continue winning different prizes.

The collection Super PUMA has a total of 10,000 digital collectibles, which will be divided as follows:

  • 4000 will be in the form of Drops for holders of the Puma Nitro collection.

  • 2000 will be distributed in the 10KTF shop community.

  • 4000 will be sold publicly through WL Spots.

Finally, Airdrops for NFT Nitro owners will be available at the end of February and the public sale through WL Spots will be a few weeks later (no date confirmed yet).

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW:@RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express