Proof Collective presents new Moonbirds NFT collection with famous artist Beeple and more

Proof Collective, the company behind the popular Moonbirds collection, is working on new NFT collections of 10,000 tokens in collaboration with 22 artists.

Regarding the field of NFT collections, we have seen that there are many that are classified as top level, such as the very popular CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yatch Club (BAYC), CryptoKitties, among others.

But after the emergence of the aforementioned (which were among the first), we can mention Moonbirdsthe blue chip collection of Proof Collective.

In September 2022, they made headlines by deciding to place their collection of to place their collection of NFTs on-chainThe content would be stored within a smart contract, without the need for an off-chain storage provider.

On this occasion, Proof Collective has announced the launch of a new NFT collection with a quantity of approximately 10,000 collectibles, including renowned artists such as Beeple, Summer Wagner and Terrell Jones.

Beeple , besides being a recognized pioneer artist in the Web3 ecosystem, is also a co-founder of the company Wenew Labswhich offers play-to-earn games in which players who participate receive subsequent rewards.

About Proof Collective’s new collection

This collection has been titled Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition, which is available only to holders of a Moonbirds NFT. Moonbirds NFT holdersNFT holders, and who have obtained the status of “Diamond Nest“status for having fulfilled the staking of their NFT.

The launch date has been set for April 27, which will coincide with two live events, including Beeple’s Live Everyday party at the NFT NYC event, along with a physical gallery display of the artist’s work.

Regarding important dates, on April 7 they published a publication highlighting a series of relevant events to consider:

The Day One Diamond Nest, with Choice Pass airdops , will be held on 4/18 and will be open to Moonbirds NFT holders who have met the staking requirements since the first day of the nesting program launch.

Subsequently, from 4/24 to 4/27, the selection of Preference Pass holders will take place. Finally, after the four-day voting (4/27), the selection of the Airdrop and Choice Pass Raffle holders will take place.

Proof Collective is an exclusive community based on members who own an NFT from collections such as Moonbirds, Oddities, Grails and Emotes, founded in December 2021.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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