Promised days: the new NFT song by Tulengua, Xcelencia and Paula Pazos on with Reveel

Tulengua, Xcelencia and Paula Pazos launched a new NFT song called ‘Promised Days’ on the platform. The goal is to win a competition held in conjunction with Reveel, where one vote is equivalent to one mint.

The music industry has been evolving over time, at the time the well-known vinyl records appeared, many of which are currently marketed as collector’s items. Years later came cassettes and later CDs.

All of these music products were created as the technologies surrounding the music industry evolved and at the same time, spread around the world.

Currently, we have streaming platforms dedicated to music such as Spotify, Amazon Music Prime, Apple Music, among others. Subscriptions are the most profitable business that these companies have, but nowadays there are more and more artists and users are not growing at the same rate, therefore, payments to musicians are becoming less and less. Spotify pays artists the sum of only 0.002 euros per play, i.e. it takes 500 plays to make only 1 euro.

After these conflicts and minor payments between artists and music platforms, the NFTs or non-fungible tokens industry promises a paradigm shift in the music sector, as artists interact directly with people who want to listen to their music and eliminates intermediaries such as streaming companies or record labels.

That being said, today I’m going to tell you about the new song called ‘Días prometidos’ by Tulengua, Xcelencia and Paula Pazos, which thanks to the alliance between y Reveelthis song is participating in a competition which gives the opportunity to win $5000 USD to collaborative NFT music projects.

Although the registration stage has already closed, there is now the possibility to help this song, since you can vote until March 13. Voting is simple and consists of one mint, i.e. “1 vote = 1 mint“The value of the vote is only 0.005 ETH, equivalent to approximately $7.00 USD.

Who are the artists of this song

Paula Pazos is an Argentinean singer and songwriter. She started her path in Web3 more than a year ago where she was just at a moment in her career where she was composing her own music and looking for new ways to share it.

In addition, this year she has proposed to start collaborating with other artists as in this case she did with Tulengua and Xcelencia. In a chat with NFTexpress she told us that she is very happy to collaborate with them, as she admires them as people and artists as well.

She also added that it is an honor to have been included in this creation of ‘Promised Days‘ and that she wants to include them in her songs, as, she is currently exploring new ways to showcase and share her music.

Finally, she told us that she is in the midst of exploring her own sound and the different ways of making music. Consequently, these collaborations help and inspire her a lot when it comes to composing.

If you want to know more about Paula Pazos, I invite you to read the article I did previously “Paula Pazos and her songs in NFT format.“.

How he joined the partnership with Tulengua and Xcelencia

PaulaPaula told me that Alan, one of the members of Tulengua, wrote to her to tell her that he was preparing a song, that he had invited Xcelencia and that he was interested in having her join in as well. She said yes automatically, since she loves the music they make and is always willing to have fun and learn how she can add to their experience.

On the other hand, she told me that she feels identified with the lyrics of ‘Días prometidos’ because it describes “waking up and facing everything with light”.

He also added that despite his fears and insecurity (something he talks about in some of his songs), the desire and love for what he does allows him to face these feelings to encourage him to create and innovate.

Finally, he said that he accepts that he is constantly learning and just knowing this allows him to continue growing. Also, that he is extremely happy to be part of this new song.

Getting to know the other artists

Tulenguais a bilingual supergroup from both sides of the most crossed border in the west. Their music is the vehicle to melt the borders and give light to the language that unites.

The group commented to NFTexpress that ‘Promised Days‘ was born from the love of psychedelia and the collaboration of Xcelencia and Paula Pazos to the lenguaverso.

Since the beginning of Tulengua in the Web3 world, the group has admired these great musicians for the talent and power of their voices. In addition, they said that it had always been a desire to collaborate with Xcelencia and Paula, and in a very gentle and unforced way, the opportunity arose to contact both artists to see if they were up for it with this song. The rest is history, they commented.

Finally, they told us that as a group, they like to cross borders and break with the traditional and added “This is possibly the best song we have done, and if time is not real, this song is already a super hit all over Latin America”.

If you want to learn more about Tulengua, I invite you to visit herewhere you will be able to visit all the platforms where you can find this great musical group.

Xcelencia is a Reggaeton artist, producer and entrepreneur, who launched his record label and a music publishing company in 2016.

In talks with NFTexpress he told us that he was born in Puerto Rico, but has Cuban roots, which influenced his upbringing, as his father’s side of the family experienced the Cuban revolution and during those years suffered immensely from actions such as confiscation of property, forced separation of the family and the removal of necessary items (meat, chicken, soap, etc) in order to be rationed.

Needless to say, their story is incredibly inspiring. When they moved to Puerto Rico and their family built themselves from the ground up again, it was based on the unmatched work ethic that money simply cannot buy.

Xcelencia as a musician already has 35 million plays worldwide and has become a witness to the democratization of music on a global scale with the introduction of NFTs, social tokens and Web3, which he believes will be the next frontier of a truly artist-to-fan economy, without intermediaries.

On the other hand, Xcelencia told NFTexpress that he started his crypto journey in 2016, after he became interested in alternatives to expose his work through technology. He discovered blockchain and fell in love with the idea of provenance, since, the data is immutable, the tracking is real-time and the payment of royalties through smart contracts are automatic and reliable.

Finally, Xcelencia, outside of his artistic career, helps underrepresented Latin American creators to monetize their works efficiently and also, to develop their personal careers, with the solutions that Web3 provides such as the creation of a DAO that represents and accelerates the underserved talent in the music industry.

If you want to know more about Xcelencia, you can visit here and learn all about one of the musicians who collaborated in ‘Días prometidos’.


Undoubtedly, we are in the presence of one of the biggest paradigm shifts of all time in the music industry.

We did a little review of how the format and ways of expanding music and artists have changed over the years, but also how musicians are innovating and there are more and more examples that NFT music gives the possibility to create a solid and profitable solution for artists.

With NFTs, these artists will be able to make money by selling their songs as non-fungible tokens directly to their fans without the need for intermediaries such as streaming platforms and record labels. In addition, the low barrier to entry into the web music industry3 means that any artist can release music and earn money as a musician without a contract. They will only have to create a community that trusts and likes what they do, what they create and what they convey in their lyrics or melodies.

Finally, if you want to support Tulengua, Xcelencia and Paula Pazos, remember that with a mint of her song ‘Promised Days‘ of only 0.005 ETH, at the same time you are voting for her to compete on Decent y Reveel for a $5000 USD prize.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.