Prada launches Christmas-inspired NFT capsules

The Italian luxury fashion company is launching its Time Capsule NFT collection, which consists of Christmas-inspired NFT capsules that are given as a gift for purchasing a product from the brand.

Prada announced the launch of its new TimeCapsule NFT collection collection, which will take place on December 1, 2022. This edition consists of a neutral sweater inspired by Christmas, and for each garment will be given a gift NFT capsule.

Each NFT will include the serial number of the delivery, in addition to the identification number of the physical garment that will be delivered together with the token, generating a connection between both products, the virtual and the physical.

The design motif is a traditional “ugly sweater”, according to official announcements. Focused on a traditional design with the fundamental colors of the Christmas holiday, being red and white the main ones, it will also have black lines on its bottom and cuffs.

This traditional sweater is made with Merino wool, following a special Norwegian jacquard weaving technique. The fundamental element of this garment is the Prada brand logo and the word December made with a special embroidery technique.

The TimeCapsule NFT collection was launched on December 5, 2019, and features one event per month online, taking place on the first Thursday of each month. This Christmas-themed sweater will be available for purchase online for only 24 hours.

Those who manage to purchase a garment online will also get a free NFT to accompany the garment in physical format. As the brand has been doing every month, only 50 garments will be available for sale.

On the other hand, as we are used to from other famous NFT collections, each non-fungible token will bring with it several exclusive benefits for its owners.

Those who have purchased an NFT from the collection will be able to access unique events and experiences from the brand. As an example, holders of tokens from the previous collection were able to attend the eighth Prada Mode event, the social club that provides members with an exclusive art experience.

One of the biggest benefits for holders of an NFT from one of the first six collections is exclusive entry to Prada Extends Miami, which will take place at Art Basel 2022. Those who own an NFT from the Time Capsule collection can become part of the digital community.


We can see how the Prada brand continues to take steps in the web3 field to provide benefits to its customers, taking advantage of new technologies to give a new image to the company, and to meet the needs of all its public.

The Prada brand took its first steps into the web3 and NFT field on December 5, 2019. Their first edition of the collection was so successful that it sold out immediately. Already from the second collection, they started to link the tokens with gender-neutral physical garments, as well as giving away an NFT as a gift.

In the second edition of the collection, Prada gave away an NFT for each physical garment sold, which consisted of a shirt made from recycled fabrics from Prada’s archives. In this way, they encourage sustainable production and circular thinking by giving a new life to materials that would otherwise have been discarded.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express