Pfizer partners with VitaDAO to launch IP licenses in NFT format

VitaDAO, the decentralized autonomous organization in partnership with Pfizer will commercialize intellectual property (IP) licenses in projects related to medical research.

VitaDAOa decentralized autonomous organization, secured funding from Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company and the world’s leading laboratory, and together they will commercialize IP-licensed NFTs in projects that are linked to medical research.

VitaDAO is dedicated to providing research and is one of the leaders in decentralized science, also known as DeSci. Currently, they have just confirmed that they have raised $4.1 million dollars to record research advances in IP-NFT format.

In addition, Pfizer VenturesPfizer’s investment firm, Pfizer Ventures, participated in the financing round, which was also attended by Balaji Srinivasanformer CTO of Coinbase, and the firms L1 Digital y Shine Capital. Also, scientific and Web3 organizations have participated such as Beaker DAO y Spaceship DAO.

For its part, Pfizer is one of the companies that have entered into an alliance with VitaDAO and will jointly carry out a series of research projects to advance decentralized science.

VitaDAO, confirmed that part of the funds will go towards the commercialization and licensing of its IP-NFT assets through another partnership with Molecule DAO.VitaDAO digitizes and collectively records decentralized research advances in the form of IP-NFTs to ensure their permanence, accessibility and availability. The goal is that in the future IP-NFTs will record medical research and replace the traditional, older patent models.

Laurence IonLaurence Ion, administrator of one of VitaDAO’s working groups, spoke out via Twitter after the partnership and said that the money will help develop one of VitaDAO’s first biotech companies and turn an ingenious and large community into a country.

Pfizer, not for the first time, has invested in VitaDAOIn late August 2022, it joined the decentralized autonomous organization after funding $500,000 in R&D research. This allowed the pharmaceutical company to add to the VitaDAO team two important people such as Michael Baran, director and partner of Pfizer Ventures and Linda Lohr, the company’s head of scientific networks. Both professionals already have extensive careers and experience in areas related to medicine and technology.

Michael Baranalso spoke about this partnership with VitaDAO and said that the decentralized science that drives this DAO moved beyond the academic phase, one of the most complex features when it comes to finding sufficient funding to move forward.

He also confirmed that they will not only work together to carry out the IP-NFTs, but will also help each other in other areas such as scientific evaluation, incubation and commercialization.

Laurence Ion confirmed that 2022 was a successful year for VitaDAO in terms of research quality, as they had a breakthrough in projects that were in development and entered clinical trials. In addition, it provided examples such as Mantis Photonics, new data in the Victor Korolchuk Laboratory at Newcastle University and the Morten Scheibye-Knudsen Laboratory at the University of Copenhagen.

As a result, it has been demonstrated that the VitaDAO community is effectively aligned and has the common goal of contributing to the advancement of science and clinical innovation in longevity research.

VitaDAO and its R&D funds

VitaDAO has so far allocated more than $3.5 million to fund multiple research projects that are linked to longevity. Among the most important is that of Mantis Photonicsfocused on detecting Alzheimer’s through the retina and eye color. The total VitaDAO pot has more than $4.5 million to continue researching different projects of this nature.

How DAOs commonly work, VitaDAO is governed by a community of members who collectively decide the fate of the organization’s funds.has its own governance token called $VITA and allows owners of that token to have voting rights on decisions discussed in the DAO.

This decentralized autonomous organization is open to anyone who wishes to join and participate. Also, members of the community may contribute funds, work or research data that is truly valuable. VitaDAO has about 1700 holders who have the token $VITA.

Moreover, it has a community of more than 9000 enthusiasts, researchers and collaborators. As I mentioned earlier, it has allocated more than $3.5 million dollars to more than 15 projects that investigate the problems and diseases of aging and the repair of the damage associated with this life cycle.

Also, VitaDAO offers a page for any researcher to apply for funding, including professors, postdocs, research scientists and even students in related careers.

How to participate

Finally, VitaDAO defines itself as an active and diverse community of many contributors, so anyone anywhere in the world can contribute to this decentralized autonomous organization. From the DAO they are committed to the community to always be looking for researchers and evaluate projects that have to do with longevity, but for the moment they made it clear that they will not evaluate technology, legal, and operations projects.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.