Paula Pazos and her songs in NFT format

Paula Pazos, is a singer and songwriter, who currently launched her NFT music collection on OpenSea. Today in NFTexpress we bring you who she is and why she chose this technology to spread her music around the world.

Paula Pazos is 32 years old, but her passion for music began at 18 when she decided to share her art by creating a YouTube channel. At the time, she didn’t have the confidence to sing in front of anyone, but her dedication and hours of recording making her own versions of songs she liked knew it was the beginning of her professional career.

After a while and little by little, people started to watch her videos and received all kinds of positive comments. Until an agency discovered her and she started singing commercial jingles with that company.

In 2008 he did a collaboration with a German musician on one of his favorite songs by Blind Faith, one of Eric Clapton’s bands, called “Can’t find my way home“.

After that collaboration, he decided to start performing in different contests that took place in La Caverna de Buenos Aires, in 2011 he was able to win the Singers Award that took place in that place. This recognition allowed him to schedule his own concerts with multiple bands and singers.

Also, in 2009 she joined a musical theater academy, where she had the opportunity to play the role of The Little Mermaid. Furthermore, in 2010 she had the privilege of playing Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, which according to her, was an incredible challenge that she was able to do effectively.

He is currently performing all over Buenos Aires, Liverpool and in Panama, where he had the opportunity to live for a year.

On her professional path as a singer, Paula Pazos had the idea of bringing her music to the NFT space and virtual concerts through social networking platform and metaverses. She participated in the following events that we will review in this article:

  • CryptoMusic: in Buenos Aires, where he shared his experience in Web3 and also gave a show in gave a show singing some of his songs.

  • WordWideNFT: it was realized through a Twitter Space and sang for the whole audience through the most known social network of NFT technology.

  • Latino Society: is a NFT community community that is run by women with Latino artists, where connections and good vibes are created for the entire Web3.

  • Live concert: last September, he held an online live broadcast where he streamed his live show, singing his new music and some older versions as well. The tickets for this concert were given to the owners of his musical NFTs.

Stories by Paula Pazos

1:1 collection of his latest song “Burning desire”.

Currently, he released a collection of his latest song “Burning desire“, her first NFT 1:1 on OpenSea. It is a lyric written especially by Paula Pazos and talks about the impostor syndrome, since, she says it is a big barrier for her and this song is helping her to overcome it, more than anything, when she creates more music.

In addition, he confirmed in his social networks, that this NFT song will have real-world utility. First of all, the owner of your NFT will have the opportunity of a call via Zoom, which will be programmed by the same Paula Pazos and it will be possible to talk directly with her about “Burning Desire”, other songs, the impostor syndrome and any other topic that the chat allows.

Secondly, the owner of the NFT will have the exclusivity to participate live in the initial recordings of this song.

Burning desire 1:1 NFT by Paula Pazos

How he combined his two passions

As I mentioned earlier, Paula Pazoshas been dedicated to music for more than 10 years, but thanks to Web3 and NFTs she was able to unite her two passions: music and technology.

She joined the non-fungible token ecosystem in 2022 and since then, she has managed to be a speaker and share her music on Decentraland through the platform Minting Summit. She was also invited to be a member of Latin Recording Academy.

In March 2022, he began sharing his first music NFTs using the marketplace of MintSongs marketplace and was able to receive support from people in Latin America and the United States.

In addition, thanks to the NFTs, he had the opportunity to participate in a Twitter space with Thalia (a renowned artist who also teaches about musical NFTs), chat with her and above all, show her a song of his own.

Finally, Paula Pazos is not only an artist and musician, but also has more than 10 years of experience as a freelancer in large international companies such as Walmart and Sanofi. Also, she worked for different startups in the HR area and is currently working in technology (project management and UX).

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.