Orange gets into NFTs: How to obtain one

The operator continues to make strides in the Web3 arena, with the launch of its own collection of non-fungible tokens called Orange Golden Pass.

Recently, in September, Orange became the first company in the Spanish telecommunications market to inaugurate its own commercial space in the metaverse.

The main objective is to test the different proposals offered by the metaverse, to provide innovative experiences to its customers. To this end, it partnered with Meta to bring Meta Quest 2 as a new virtual reality device.

On this occasion, the operator has taken a new step in the field of new technologies by launching its own NFT collection. At the same time, it has quite particular characteristics, so that no money is needed to own an NFT; nor is it necessary to be a customer of the company.

In this way, both customers and non-customers will be able to access a piece of this collection, which is free and limited to a total of 5,000 NFT. These tokens will be available through the official website.

NFTs can be personalized with your name, your image, and allow access to several exclusive benefits, such as admission to events, discounts at terminals, priority access to events in the metaverse, etc.

The date to apply for these NFTs has been defined from December 2 to December 31 on its platform, but they will not be visible in the wallet until after January 9, 2023.

One of the requirements to be able to acquire an NFT from the collection, is to have your own address at Metamaskin order to manage your collectibles with a higher level of security. Then, you can request the token by filling out a form from the operator’s website.

One piece of information that may be controversial is that in order to claim the NFT you must fill in the form, where personal data such as name and surname, telephone, email and wallet address are requested.

As of January 9, people who have fulfilled the requirements will see the NFT of the collection reflected in their wallet. The operator’s benefits will be communicated progressively on a monthly basis.

To give an example, one of the discounts offered by the company is for those who have an Orange NFT in the month of January, they will be able to acquire certain cell phone models with discounts of up to 100 euros.

On the other hand, as an incentive to this new virtual world, the company organized an event called“live shopping” that took place in its own metaverse. The event explained what this virtual space is, how to take advantage of the experiences it offers, and much more. In the following link you can see all the events that took place in the metaverse.

The Orange metaverse has 3 distinct zones:

1) Commercial Zone: you will be able to find advisors, exhibition of different products and services, spaces with discounts, etc.

2) Leisure Zone: to participate in games, contests and audiovisual contents of the Orange TV channel.

3) Amphitheaters: to attend different events organized by the company.

Another positive point is that the entrance to the metaverse and its different spaces is free, and can be accessed from a simple computer using virtual reality glasses, or without them as well.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express