Orange Comet and William Shatner team up on NFT Infinite Connections collection

Orange Comet, the leading company in the Web3 gaming and entertainment industry, confirmed a partnership for an NFT collection with Hollywood legend William Shatner, Golden Globe-winning actor and star of Star Trek. The project is called “Infinite Connections” and will be available on May 25.

Orange Cometone of the world’s leading Web3 gaming and NFT entertainment companies, officially announced its partnership with legendary actor William Shatnerbest known for being Captain Kirk on Star Trek.

The NFT project will be about digital collectibles and is called “Infinite Connections”. The collection will first be present in Consensus 2023, one of the largest and longest running gatherings with the most influential people in the blockchain ecosystem, cryptocurrencies and the entire Web3 industry, in general.

This event organized by CoinDeskwill feature Orange Comet CEO and Co-Founder Dave Broome and legendary Golden Globe and Grammy Award winning actor William Shatner.

The objective of “Infinite Connections” is to celebrate Shatner’s life and career. In addition to commemorating the actor for his film career, there is also a strong emphasis on scientific phenomena and earthly elements as a journey into the universe inspires the audience.

William Shatner’s NFT – officially uploaded by Orange Comet

Dave BroomeCEO and co-founder of Orange Comet, commented on the partnership with Shatner, saying that he is an icon who has always been ahead of the trends and times, so he is an inspiration to everyone.

He also added that they are extremely honored to be able to work with him and be part of his professional and innovative journey into non-fungible tokens. In addition, he said in a friendly way that he wants to know what William is drinking, since, he is magically reversing the aging process. Recall that the actor is 92 years old, born on March 22, 1931, in Montreal, Canada.

William Shatner, also spoke out after the alliance with Orange Comet and said that he has an immense love for the new and this collection is a clear testimony to the passion he has for the unknown.

On the other hand, he spoke about Orange Comet’s creative direction for “Infinite Connections” and commented that he is excited to inspire his fans to explore the growing metaverse in this new way.

William, also sent a big message in a friendly way to renowned actor Anthony Hopkins, who launched his NFT project called ‘Sir Anthony’ and said that he can now officially say that he is the oldest man in the Web3 world.

Lastly, this collaboration between Orange Comet and William Shatner will be available through traditional crypto payments with wallets and collectors and fans will also be able to purchase the NFTs through credit cards.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.