Okay Bears and (RED) team up in NFTs collaboration to fund global critical illness health

Okay Bears, is an NFT collection developed on Solana’s blockchain and announced its partnership with (RED), a non-profit, non-governmental organization that fights for global health, with the goal of launching new products that help fund the efforts made by the company focused mainly on the African continent.

Okay Bearsis one of the leading projects developed in the Solana network and recently announced the partnership with a global health organization called (RED) to launch products and services to help fund the international efforts of this non-profit, non-governmental organization related mostly to global health and disease.

This collaboration is a great step towards the effective use of non-fungible tokens, as we can see how the different projects are interested in addressing crucial issues that are being experienced globally. Highlights of the products include T-shirts, hoodies, T-shirts and wristbands with the (RED) branding.In addition, a large portion of the proceeds will go to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

On the other hand, Okay Bearsis a brand of digital collectibles in the format of NFTs and has since created a large Web3 community with more than 120 thousand followers on Twitter who seek to inspire through art and code.

(RED)RED, the organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006, fights AIDS and global health injustices. Both projects aim to join forces to raise money to help fight pandemics and save lives.

The alliance was confirmed at the NFT.NYC event when the two organizations announced to launch a limited edition collection of merchandising “Okay Bears – (RED).Okay Bears – (RED)“, which includes all of the products I reviewed above.

The products will be available for purchase at the official Okay Bears store in May 2023 and in New York during the event they also previewed that there will be an NFT collection expected later this year.

Okay Bears official merchandising – (RED) – source: www.okaybears.com

Peter GouldPeter Gould, director of communications for Okay Bears, commented on the partnership with (RED) and said that his project represents a cultural shift in the way charitable funds are raised, since, thanks to the technology provided by NFTs, a positive impact on the community and a global change for good can be generated.

In addition, Peter added that the announcement with (RED) demonstrates Okay’s intentions and commitment to these great global organizations that are working hard 365 days a year to save millions of people from diseases that exist globally.

He also ended his remarks by saying that he is proud to have achieved this collaboration with (RED) and that hopefully this is the beginning of a shared history with this global project, as merchandising and future digital collectibles will seek to combat the most important human rights of this time in a new way.

Okay Bears official merchandising – (RED) – source: www.okaybears.com

Greg ShepsGreg Sheps, Head of Business Development at (RED) and another key contributor to this collaboration, also weighed in, saying that if you want to end the threat of AIDS, you have to think outside the box and know where consumers are to create new and exciting collaborations that generate monetary benefits for the fight against the diseases and injustices that allow pandemics to thrive.

Finally, Greg commented that (RED)’s first blockchain art and NFTs collaboration raised $660,000 for global health. He also added that (RED) is excited to continue the foray into the art space and this digital collaboration with Okay Bears will help to provide life-saving testing, treatment and care to people who need it most.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.