No commissions and rewards: Meet the Pro version of OpenSea

The launch of the platform is focused on users who professionally trade various NFTs, as well as being a new tool to compete against the Blur marketplace.

The NFT ecosystem continues to grow strongly, both in terms of the development of new non-fungible tokens, the level of trading, the emergence of new protocols on various blockchains, as well as the launch of new marketplaces for exchanging NFTs, among others.

A very recent development regarding the emergence of a new NFT marketplace that has been sweeping multiple metrics: the popular Blur. This platform has achieved a very accelerated growth, thanks to one of its most recognized strategies: not charging a gas fee when making transactions.

On this occasion, the largest marketplace for NFTs has decided not to be left behind, so it has announced the launch of its new service called OpenSea Profor those users who trade and trade NFTs in a more professional way.

In short, through this new service, OpenSea seeks to offer new trading tools that are more robust than its original version, for which initially no market commissions will be charged, and plans are in place to offer trading rewards based on non-fungible tokens.

Thus, OpenSea Pro is a revamped version of Gem V2, being even better than that marketplace aggregator which acquired in April 2022. It is important to clarify that this new service remains separate from the standard platform.

As stated in the official release from the OpenSea website, the Pro version offers new possibilities of optionality, selection and control for professional collectors of NFTs. Thus, it allows collectors to discover the best offers from around 170 markets, in addition to access to several tools that satisfy major automation issues.

* Live cross-market data: information on activities linked to users and collections can be obtained through various NFT marketplaces in real time.

* Advanced orders: through the Pro section you have more control over purchases, payment offers, token listing, etc.

* Inventory management: manage the inventory having full control of it, being able to buy, sell and exchange NFTs without problems, obtaining information from the wallet itself.

* Optimized gas tariffs: through the optimization of smart contracts.

* Mobile Compatibility: thanks to the optimization for mobile devices, and the possibility of carrying out activities related to commerce and navigation on the platform.

On the other hand, as a thank you from the OpenSea team they will be giving away an Gemesis NFT to all users who have purchased an NFT in Gem before March 31, 2023, who will be able to claim it until May 4, 2023.

A relevant fact is that in February, the Blur platform surpassed OpenSea in terms of NFT trading volume. For its part, OpenSea had cut its 2.5% commission in the face of this event, but with the launch of its Pro version, it has reinstated the operation of the commission in the standard version.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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