Nickelodeon joins the NFT market

One of the largest children’s entertainment companies joined the NFT boom and offered “nostalgic” collections from the 1990s in reference to the “Hey, Arnold” and “The Rugrats” TV shows.

As the picture says, the first collection of 10,000 NFTs of “Hey, Arnold” and “The Rugrats” cartoons sold out in less than 24 hours and the secondary market reached 0.4 ETH per non-fungible token and a volume of 1000 ETH. In this way, it surpassed different famous collections such as “CryptoPunk” and “Bored Apes”.

On Twitter Blue you can already find different people with Nickelodeon NFTs PFP’s. On accounts like these: Smolov you will notice that their profile picture is in the shape of a hexagonal, since the social network of the little bird allows you to show that you are the owner of a NFT and show it to anyone. You can use this feature if you are subscribed to Twitter’s premium service.

The collection consists of 12 characters from the above shows and was released on July 19 at $50 each and only two units could be purchased per person. They were sold as “TV Packs”, to give mystery and equity to the buyers of the NFTs, since anyone could buy at the price of $50 USD.

Each NFT character will have something called a “Slime Score” and they are based on attribute rarities. They were ranked from the least rare to the rarest.

The rarity traits were as follows:

  • Background: all NFTs have a background, but the rarer ones will be developed and deeper, while the more common ones will have solid or subtle colors.

  • Clothing and character: your pose, expression and attire are key.

  • Accessories: Tommy can have his famous dinosaur or Arnold his typical backpack. That will give more or less rarity to your NFT.

  • Bonus: there are ultras rare people, they are NFT accompanied with animation, they can have butterflies or pigeons flying inside your digital asset.

A week after the delivery began, Nickelodeon brings the promise that the fun will begin. It will bring challenges for owners of their NFTs, the first one will be to trade your characters for Slime. Slime is an NFT that you can earn by trading in your Nickelodeon NFTs.

Your Slime Score determines how much Slime your character is worth. A character can be worth one, two, three, four, five or even ten Slime. There will be only 5,000 NFT of Slime available.

In addition, each Slime you obtain will help you collect one of the most coveted and rarest NFT Mashups in Nickelodeon’s collections. You will need 10 Slime before you can turn them into a completely original and pure Mashup.

The Mashup will be NFT combined, that is, characters from “Hey, Arnold” with characters from “The Rugrats” merged to make something unique in the cartoon world. Imagine Tommy with Arnold’s ball head – awesome! There will be 36 unique combinations and 500 Mashups available.

Finally, Nickelodeon teamed up with Recur to create these NFTs and also participated in incubations such as the Care Bears NFTs, NBA Draft, Hello Kitty and Stark Trek Continuum.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.