NFTSTAR and Neymar Jr. announce first drop of the BeastMode Metaverse

Internet company The9 Limited announced that its non-fungible token community NFTSTAR will launch the next exclusive NFTs in collaboration with soccer player Neymar Jr.

This collaboration has been very well received by the community, with respect to the first release of the Beastmode metaverse, which they have named JungleVIBES, and has managed to obtain more than 60,000 free coins worldwide.

NFTSTAR will market the digital collectibles under the authorization of NR SPORTSNR SPORTS, a company specialized in image consulting, focused exclusively on the career of Neymar Jr.

On November 11, several events were considered, such as the mint launch event, through Livestream and Twitter Space, as well as through the Beastlist and Junglelist platforms.

At the same time, it is estimated that this initiative has taken advantage of a part of the number of fans that Neymar Jr. has. Another great event that they stipulated for November 11 is the launch of the Beastmode Metaverse, and the project that bears the name “Beastmode Metaverse x Neymar Jr: Episode 01 – Human”. –

Neymar Jr. would join the online broadcast of the launch of the NFTs on his Facebook page, through which questions such as what Episode 01 is all about and the announcement of the winners of the Beastmode Football Festival event will be discussed.

Each non-fungible token carries its registration and metadata hosted on the blockchain, and whoever owns one of them will be the true owner of the collectible, by purchasing the NFT on the NFTSTAR platform or some other marketplace at a later date.

In the course of the livestream and during the mint moment, Neymar Jr. would provide information regarding Episode 02 that at the moment has not been released.


The9 is an internet company listed on Nasdaq. One of its goals is to be able to be a global high-tech internet company, and it is currently engaged in the blockchain field, including mining of certain crypto assets, and a marketplace dedicated to the sale of non-fungible tokens called NFTSTAR.


This is not the first time that Neymar Jr. has been involved in any activity related to NFTs. Earlier this year, he also appeared on several news covers with his announcement of having bought 2 NFTs from the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

According to Exame, one of these tokens is the 91st rarest in the collection. At the time, the player spent more than $1 million to purchase both NFT.

On the other hand, it also purchased a personalized address for its wallet, an ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domain. These domains allow users to exchange their address, which is a combination very difficult to remember, for a word determined by the user, and available at the time of purchase. In Neymar’s case, he chose EneJay, referring to his initials.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express