NFTs: The home of digital artists

As we can see over the last few months, the NFT market is growing and attracting the attention of thousands of users. In the same way, many artists see it as the right kick to get into the benefits offered by new technologies.

As we have been reporting from NFTexpress throughout the articles published on our website, day by day we find numerous news that show us how the NFT world continues to be one of the most striking trends in recent months.

Beyond the hype caused by the cryptocurrency bear market, this has not meant that the NFT market is also affected by this trend. Day by day more and more artists are experimenting and joining this space that has unimaginable potential.

In this way, it has been demonstrated that with the arrival and implementation of the NFTs, both the music industry and the art, among others, have been greatly benefited to give to speak in many corners of the planet, and in this way, to return to be major players in the global market.

Among some of the most recognized artists worldwide, such as Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, among others; it is worth highlighting the position taken by Alam Moreira. The founder of Coalescentia (a record label from Uruguay), will go to the market with a clear objective: to use crypto-art in his projects. Alam argues that the use of NFT in music will result in a paradigm shift that will mark a milestone in history, in which hundreds and thousands of artists will benefit.

He mentions that as the issues related to the metaverse and web3 advance, as well as the knowledge about the advantages that NFTs will bring regarding copyright, the benefits that artists are entitled to for their own art, are some of the positive issues that decentralization, blockchain, web3 and NFTs will give back to the artists what they are entitled to, thus getting rid of unnecessary intermediaries in this area.

It is important to highlight the benefits of blockchain technology, which makes it possible to identify and provide benefits directly to fans in a secure and transparent manner. Likewise, the relationship that can be generated by integrating music with different forms of art, through the DeFi world and the Play to Earn concept, is currently underestimated.

Another artist who seems to have the NFTs style in his blood, is Gal Yosef, a self-taught artist recognized worldwide in 3D art and animation, who has been demonstrating his skills in different NFT collections.

Yosef entered the NFT market in 2021, with the launch of the Crypto Bulls Society collection. The collection reportedly generated more than $50 million in sales and auctions. He also developed an NFT in collaboration with Steve Aoki, which was auctioned for more than $200,000.

But we must make it clear that there are also obstacles to overcome when entering this field. One of the first is the lack of information. Any public that wants to enter, must also have the will to be informed and understand the benefits that blockchain and web3 bring, as well as to be informed about issues related to the manipulation and commercialization of NFTs; to avoid taking any false step, with all that this entails. Technology is advancing faster than humanity itself, and new issues arise every day.

From the NFTexpress team, we are convinced that the trend of use and adoption of NFTs will continue to rise, adding all kinds of actors to this world without limits; whether users or consumers of NFTs, artists, record labels, celebrities, influencers, even companies that decide to achieve another type of reach to their audience, by delivering NFTs linked to a service or a product that only a holder of the token can use.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express.