NFTs first Big Brother-style animated parody arrives

“The R3al Metaverse” becomes the first animated series created exclusively with famous NFTs in the ecosystem that will be a ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Big Brother’ style parody.

If you like TV shows or are passionate about reality TV, “The R3al Metaverse” will definitely appeal to you. This animated parody stars five characters inspired by NFT collections of the most recognizable in the non-fungible token industry. The featured cast members come from the projects: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, RobotosNFT, Word Of Women y Cool Cats.

Currently, two chapters have already been released on their YouTube channel and they plan to present 34 episodes in total. official channel Youtube and they plan to present 34 episodes in total where these characters will become friends (or enemies), they will make jokes and even why not, they will fall in love, since they share a giant house in Los Angeles, a city located in California, in the United States.

The R3al Metaverse is the first parody animation inspired by NFTs characters from world-renowned collections. They have managed to take non-fungible tokens to another level and take them out of the metaverse and turn them into reality TV figures. It can be said that they are the first “Big Brother” of the Web3 era.

The five most popular collectibles leaving the Metaverse and landing in a giant, luxurious Los Angeles mansion will be:

  • Pete’s best known collection: Bored Ape.

  • Journey of the World Of Women project.

  • Claudina de Doodles.

  • Sam of the RobotosNFT.

  • Monty from Cool Cats.

Each chapter will reveal the evolution of the relationships between the protagonists and will show their thoughts, feelings, actions and objectives in order to live together in the best way possible in this new reality show promoted by Invisible Universe.

Invisible Universe, is the first Internet animation studio to develop original character IP on social media and Web3 platforms. Invisible Universe’s goal is to create the next generation of animated series that will be born from the Internet and will reach people’s homes through streaming platforms. In addition, the project has major investors related to technology and finance such as Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six, Dapper Labs, The Chernin Group, Will Smith ‘s Dreamers, among many others.

How did you create the Invisible Universe characters?

The creators used the NFTs from each collection to generate a full body 3D character. In their official website you can find which NFTs gave life to the project and how each one was created so that they can become animated characters and star in the first animated reality show of NFTs.

Below you will be able to visualize the example of Pete, the monkey from the Bored Ape Yacht Club project, who came to life for the show and how he went from an image and social media star to living inside one of the most controversial mansions in the city of Los Angeles:

Each character was created in the same way, since, none of them were full-bodied and they had to make the personifications in 3D to bring them to life. Each has their own background and personality, so far it has been seen that for example Journey is a more conscious, spiritual and calm person, while Claudine is sarcastic, direct and outgoing. We will see how the personalities of each will collide in the Los Angeles mansion, and what consequences each of these encounters will bring.

Episodes can be viewed on the official accounts of “The R3al Metaverse” on Tik Tok, Discord, YouTube y TwitterGet your popcorn ready!

On the other hand, the producers of “The R3al Metaverse” will create a Producer Pass NFT with 7,200 digital assets that will give holders the right to decide on the show’s plot, among other things. Also, if you own the NFT of any of the five characters, you will have the opportunity to appear in the reality show (obviously, as a 3D character). You can see the Roadmap of the project here. Alexis Ohanian, investor of the project, husband of tennis player Serena Williams and co-founder of Reddit, said that he had a unique experience watching Pete from Bored Ape go from a JPEG to a 3D character and was excited to know that the holders will have the same opportunity to appear in an episode of “The R3al Metaverse”.

Finally, the organizers of the project are already casting for what will be the second season, which will have another five NFTs that will become the characters of the reality show that promises to be one of the most innovative projects in the non-fungible token industry. If you own an NFT that you think is worth giving a chance in real life, this is the opportunity, you can find all the information on the social networks of “The R3al Metaverse”.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.