NFTs data in Algorand will be in CryptoSlam

The Algorand Foundation recently announced the integration of CryptoSlam, the world’s first multi-chain NFTs data aggregator for the Algorand network. Algorand’s NFTs data will be viewable over there, as well as that of other blockchain networks.

Algorandone of the most popular blockchains in the crypto ecosystem, which has its own native token called ALGO, announced its recent alliance between The Algorand Foundation and CryptoSlam, a multi-chain NFTs data aggregator.

In addition, CryptoSlam, is a platform that will help traders to invest, as, it will facilitate crypto-users to decide in which collection to invest by adding information and analysis to non-fungible token projects. It will be possible to find different data such as market volume, number of transactions, active owners and upcoming drops of different NFTs.

As you know, obtaining transparent and accessible information is ideal when investing in the world of NFTs. For its part, CryptoSlam has created a platform with 100 percent free access and advanced metrics on each collection created on the Algorand blockchain.

Also, CryptoSlam will provide historical data and activity analysis in various modes such as: 24 hours; 7, 30 and 90 days. Consequently, it will be a sure way to increase visibility and add value to the NFT ecosystem that is growing day by day in the Algorand community.

Shamir OzeryHead of Web3 at The Algorand Foundationsaid about this strategic alliance between the two projects and said that this partnership opens up a range of opportunities with respect to art, collectible assets, gaming NFTs, sports and music, among many more verticals. Also, he added that Algorand’s performance and standards are superior compared to the performance of other blockchains and the capability of creating NFTs is at a cutting edge for the network ecosystem.

The collaboration between the two projects is a clear sign of the ecosystem’s intentions to reach out to NFT collectors worldwide and demonstrate that this blockchain can also be used to create and trade non-fungible tokens. Algorand to reach out to NFT collectors worldwide and demonstrate that this blockchain can also be used for the creation and trading of non-fungible tokens.

Moreover, as part of Algorand’s integration to CryproSlam, it is offering the opportunity to win free NFTs from the blockchain ecosystem that has chosen to FIFA to launch its first NFTs related to the history of World Cups.

Among the collections that confirmed their participation in this sweepstakes are:

To participate, you have to enter the The Algorand Foundation’s official website and fill out a form.The form includes the public address of the wallet you would like to have the NFT if you are the winner.

Also, you can find additional information in the NFT blockchain community, such as how to download and use a crypto wallet if you don’t already have one.

What is the Algorand Foundation?

Algorand as blockchain, was designed by Silvio MicaliSilvio Micali, an MIT professor and cryptographer, who is a former Turing Award winner. Micali, wants to fulfill the promise that was made to create once and for all a global economy without borders with the native token ALGO.

Algorand’s blockchain. achieves transaction performance at the speed of traditional finance, near-zero transaction costs and above all, 24/7. Its platform is carbon neutral and proof-of-stake consensus mechanism seeks to solve the ‘blockchain trilemma’ by achieving security and scalability in a decentralized mechanism and without a second of downtime since 2019, when the blockchain went live.

After knowing a little bit about the blockchain created by Micali, we talked about. The Algorand FoundationThe Algorand Foundation, which is dedicated to cooperate globally on the blockchain and assumes the responsibility of expanding the knowledge of this solid economy that Algorand seeks to create worldwide.

Also, The Foundation’s goal is to teach and reach agreements that benefit the ecosystem, and to sustain both its decentralized governance, as well as its healthy open source development that features the Algorand blockchain.

About CryptoSlam

CryptoSlambecomes the main aggregator of NFTs data in the Algorand network, which will be responsible for collecting and analyzing information from millions of non-fungible tokens on more than 15 blockchains beyond Algorand.

Finally, the analysis and tools offered by CryptoSlam will be used by thousands of crypto-users looking for the best project to invest in a wide range of existing collections of NFTs. The goal is to be at the forefront of the Web3 revolution and develop a comprehensive view on the world of non-fungible tokens.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.