NFTonPulse: Discover HowToPulse NFT Marketplace with Airdrop Tokens

HowToPulse’s NFT marketplace, which has been in beta since mid-February 2023, can be accessed through the domain.

Through a series of official announcements through the Twitter account the team has announced the launch of its NFT marketplace called““. This NFT marketplace has been designed to provide great utilities to creators, artists, collectors and all enthusiastic users of NFTs.

After 15 months of work on the development of the platform, NFTonPulse is ready for users to interact and test the various functions offered around your application.

One of its main features is that the marketplace will soon be running on its own blockchain, the PulseChain network. As it is a Beta version, it currently runs on Goerli’s testnet (or test network), to make transactions with Goerli Eth.

Goerli Testnet is a testnet, by which it provides various tools to developers to be able to test and perform various tests to their dApps before deploying them on the Ethereum mainnet.

Among the details that characterize it, and for which they seek to differentiate themselves from the competition, is that NFTonPulse through its blockchain PulseChain will allow for extremely fast transactions, in addition to offering an agile and simple system for the creation of an NFT.

The key objective is to offer a platform that facilitates the participation of any person (whether or not they have experience in the field) when they want to interact or create NFTs. It will also provide the option to mine NFTs without gas and for the creators themselves to set their own royalty rates.

In celebration of the launch of its platform, HowToPulse is offering an airdrop of its HTP token for those who become the first users of the application.

As they stated on their Twitter account, to receive an airdrop upon the official launch of the PulseChain blockchain, all you have to do is create a collection and 1 NFT on the site to participate.

By making the fees for mining NFTs so low, it means a higher level of profit for the creators of collectible assets. In this way, it benefits both artists and collectors of NFTs.

Doing a little research on the types of files that can be listed as NFTs on their platform, we can find the following: art, collectibles, domain names, music, photographs, sports, trading cards, real-world assets, among others.

First steps on the platform

The official website provides a series of steps to take the first steps on the platform. First of all, the user must configure a wallet of his choice, and then connect it to NFTonPulse by clicking on the wallet icon at the top of the page.

Subsequently, a Collection must be created and configured with the user’s own data, adding links to social networks, a description, a profile image and a banner, and finally configuring the royalty percentages.

Then, attach the file of the artwork to be minified as NFT, whether it is an image, a video, audio, or a 3D artwork. You must give it a title, a description, and customize the NFT with various properties, states, etc.

As a last step, the NFT must be listed for sale, for which the marketplace offers several alternatives, such as listing it as a fixed price, or auction, among others.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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