NFTgo launched its V2.0 brand update for its users

At NFTexpress we have published the semi-annual report about different metrics that the platform collected between January and June 2022. On this occasion, we bring the update on the brand and the mission to empower NFTs users.

NFTGo.iothe leading data analytics and trade aggregation platform for non-fungible tokens, announced the 2.0 brand refresh and also revealed their mission to empower NFTs users on a seamless journey.

The goal of this project is to be able to guide users through every phase of their journey. The key points they want to address in this upgrade are: analytics, trading and digital portfolio management.

On the other hand, using NFTGo for trading non-fungible tokens is quite different from using a single marketplace such as OpenSea, since, by adding such a powerful aggregator as this project, buyers get the best deal on all NFTs marketplaces. Something similar happens with and the possibility of buying a plane ticket at the best price.

In addition, NFTGo, gives you the possibility to save up to 70% on transaction fees when you want to acquire a non-fungible token. Currently, this platform is becoming the only one that has an independent NFTs data analysis and commercial aggregator in the ecosystem. For its part, OpenSea y Uniswaphave acquired two external aggregators called Gem y Genierespectively.

The NFT data guru

NFTGo in addition to its commercial aggregation services, has been one of the leading professional data analytics platforms since 2021. Also, it has helped more than one million users worldwide to research and learn about NFTs collections, track different whale behaviors in the ecosystem, filter money laundering operations, discover the best mints and much more in reference to data metrics.

Another feature that makes this project one of the most important within the NFTs industry is the API The Loocksrare API, which currently serves more than 500 organizations, including secondary marketplaces such as X2Y2 and Loocksrare.

The purpose of lending this information is to support the development of its products and to demonstrate that the NFTGo project is actively engaged in all areas surrounding blockchain and Web3 technology.

For example, world-renowned educational establishments such as the Oregon State Universitythe Cambridge University and the Monterrey Tech were helped by NFTGo, as the project provided their data for research purposes. Consequently, not only NFTGo is interested in helping and carrying out actions that facilitate the adoption of these technologies, but also industries such as education are interested in investigating and knowing what this ecosystem is all about.

TP, the founder and CEO of X2Y2 said after the partnership with that providing the best service to thousands of users interacting with their marketplace is key. He also added that NFTGo is the ideal partner for data integration, as they provide the most reliable and accurate information in the market thanks to their advanced metrics.

Redefining the new user journey

Lowes Yangco-founder and CEO of, gave his testimony and said that the brand refresh is more than a website redesign, it is an action that redefines the NFTs experience specifically focused on the user.

Currently, the user experience on NFTs is fragmented, as information is scattered all over the web and users have to go from platform to platform to discover a collection that is trending, then do the relevant research with analytics tools, and then find the best market to purchase it.

This is where comes into play, solving these user drawbacks and helping to make the best investment decisions. Consequently, investment funds such as Circle Ventures are confident in this project and are proud to contribute to the growth of the project that aims to be the future gateway to the NFT ecosystem according to Wyatt Lonerga, director of Circle Ventures.

The NFTGo team wants to change the current landscape of non-fungible tokens and improve the user experience with the features of its V2.0 platform.

In addition, Yang revealed that they will give a leading role to the community, as they are the priority. Subsequently, they will invite the community to beta test the new homepage in mid-November and will launch a loyalty program to reward their most loyal followers.

Some of the innovations and tools that will be updated are: Tracking List, Top MintsRarity Models, to capture the evolutions of NFTs driven by solid projects and to access and analyze the performance of digital collectibles from Twitter accounts directly on the social network. Twitter extension to access and analyze the performance of digital collectibles from Twitter accounts directly on the social network. This will provide a seamless transition from Web2 to Web3. The mission of the team behind NFTGo is to be the most comprehensive commercial aggregator in the non-fungible token ecosystem.

Getting to know

NFTGo is a leading NFT aggregation platform that allows our community to analyze non-fungible token market data and transact in one place.

They offer different tools including: real time collection listings, NFTs rarity types, monitoring of whales in the ecosystemdrop calendar, trade aggregator and much more. All these features aim to help the community discover, trade and manage digital assets.

In addition, they support more than 500 institutional clients, 1,000 NFT communities and one million retail users worldwide.

Finally, the collection and distribution of high-performance data means that offers the opportunity to provide professional market information in real time and create a seamless NFT experience for all those who join the project.

All investment or financial opinions on behalf of NFTexpress should not be taken as recommendations. This article is informational/educational material. Before making any type of investment do your own research.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.