NFTespaña launched its collection #002 “Moonwalkers”.

NFTespaña is one of the most important non fungible token marketplaces in Spain and they are currently launching their second collection called Moonwalkers. Today in NFTexpress I will explain you what it is about and how to participate in this project.

“NFTs are coming to Spain” with that slogan, the NFTespaña team created the first marketplace located in Hispanic territory and are currently launching their second collection #002 called “Moonwalkers”.

NFTespaña is the first Spanish company (NFTes Spain S.L) that aims to buy non-fungible tokens without the need to use cryptocurrencies. Instead, it uses Euros, the main currency of the European country.

The idea is to make NFTs more accessible to people around the world, since, many people are interested in the technology and benefits that non-fungible tokens propose, but at the same time, they are not familiar with crypto wallets and cryptocurrencies themselves.

In addition, they have designed a marketplace that promises a space for Spanish-speaking creators, IRL or virtual events, and different collections.

Currently, they are launching their second collection called Moonwalkers and each NFT lives on the Polygon blockchain. Their certificate of authenticity, which is embedded in the metadata of the non-fungible token, will be available for download.

These are the first collectible assets in the history of NFTespañaThe first collection launched last year by the platform was by the hand of the artist María Emegé, which had 333 NFTs and were used as ambassador cards for the NFTespaña Club and other benefits such as VIP access to the official Discord, presales and exclusive discounts for future collections (such as Moonwalkers) and more.

Now, this #002 collection was created exclusively by the NFTes team and each collectible will consist of a maximum of 7 features, which are: helmet, screen, suit, patch, hand, backpack and background.

Also, in total 156 different illustrations have been drawn with the aim of creating a collection that will attract the public and generate expectations in them. In addition, all the layers and illustrations I named above will be put together in a completely random way and different Moonwalkers are always created.

On the other hand, there are four different rarities that will classify each of the NFTs that are randomly created. These rarities are called: common, rare, epic and legendary. Each trait assigned to the collectible will be based on the number of times it appears in the total collection.

Also, the fact of owning a Moonwalker will bring different benefits such as: access to the private Discord of NFTespaña and access to the “Moonwalkers CLUB” where there will be raffles, discounts on merchandising, more exclusive NFTs, discounts and access to company events both in the physical and digital world.

The public sale is in its second phase, but the first phase had 100 NFTs and was minted for a value of 29€. In phase 2, 200 more NFTs will be unlocked at a value of €39. Finally, the third phase will have a total of 700 non-fungible tokens and each can be mined for the value of €49. Thus, the total NFTs for this collection of NFTs will be 1000 collectible assets.

Although, as I mentioned earlier, NFTespaña NFTespaña offers the possibility to buy the non-fungible tokens via bank card, you can also mint an NFT by connecting your Matic wallet, since, the collection is created on the Polygon network. An NFT can be minted through wallets such as MetaMask, WalletConnect and Torus.

NFTespaña Partners

On its official website, NFTespaña has its main alliances as for example:

  • Polygon StudiosPolygon Studios: the official Polygon company that seeks to establish Polygon as a leader in the entire Web3 ecosystem.

  • Torus LabsTorus Labs: a key management network, non-custodial and open source.

  • Epsiloom: a SaaS solutions company for validation, certification and copyright protection on any blockchain.

  • CrossmintCrossmint: a project that offers as tools APIs for the creation of wallets, payments and mining.

  • FounderzFounderz: an unconventional digital business school. They offer decentralized education known as Ed3.

The NFTespaña team

Finally, the NFTespaña team is made up of 12 people. Below we will review some of them:

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.