NFT212: The NFT platform for Latin artists

It is a space where you can find various NFT collections, with an emphasis on digital art by artists from Latin America.

As the days go by, it is possible to observe the consolidated progress brought by the non-fungible tokens, with their diversity of use cases. On this occasion, one of the most outstanding consequences is the revaluation and exposure of the works of digital artists from Latin America.

The platform NFT212 is precisely a space designed by and for Latino creators, which aims to be a tool for artists from Latin America, as well as for Hispanics located in the United States.

This platform is mainly focused on the commercialization of different collections of non-fungible tokens. But not everything is digital art, according to the website itself we can also find collectibles, sports moments, music, video games, domain names, virtual land, fashion, financial NFTs, and much more.

At the same time, the platform offers a customized smart contract for each artist’s collection, and not a generic contract as used in other platforms. Another advantage is that it integrates the main wallets to securely store the NFT purchased.

The platform also has its own wallet, which offers each user an international debit card with which they can withdraw money, enabling transfers, commission-free deposits and withdrawals from any device.

A relevant fact is that the platform itself makes the clarification that when buying an NFT you get a seal of authenticity from the creator, but the authorship is not transferred, nor the copyright, a not minor issue when trading NFTs through smart contracts. They further point out that there are no copyright disputes, as all collections are original to each creator.

They have recently presented the platform in Miami, where one of the founders and CEO of the company, Diego Benitez, said that each NFT is a seal where the author communicates to everyone that the owner has the faithful version of the work, the original or a copy of greater value.

He also expressed that the platform is a digital storefront style where artists (through contracts), present original works that have not previously published them, and can be verified, without charging fees or commissions for both sides of the relationship when marketing an NFT.

The executive gives the example of music, where unique works can be found such as lyrics, instruments of renowned artists, tickets or tokens that bring benefits or unique experiences for their owners, such as access to VIP spaces, for example.

Among the latest collections, we can mention the following:

* “Con sabor a café”, published by. @TrazoSideral,

* “Ether I”, “Eva Pop”, “La Justicia”, “Love Bowie”, published by @Alchemy. Natalia Monaco is a visual artist born in Cordoba, whose works have been exhibited in countries such as Argentina, Europe, Brazil and Africa.

* “Gatilova Svetlana”, “Funtusova Ioanna”, published by. @eddiefloat. Eddie Borbon, researches the applications of Artificial Intelligence in art, and publishes articles on computer science, mathematics and music.


Regarding the founders of the project, we can find the aforementioned Diego Ferney Benítez Saza (CEO), born in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. He has made several collaborations that allowed him years later to be linked to well-known newspapers, such as“El Espectador“.

Ale Bustos, who holds the position of CMO of the project, has had a career in the digital technology and communication industry. He has participated in many projects, and has also been involved in software development. He is an entrepreneur and investor in the field of new technologies.

Victor Hugo Velazco Hernandez, the current CTO, is the main responsible for the creation of the NFT platform. Born in Morelos, Mexico, he studied Computer Systems Engineering in Toluca. He has previously collaborated professionally in large companies such as Motorola, EDS, financial institutions such as HSBC, among others.

Ronny Castillo González (CEO), is a specialist in corporate finance, blockchain, innovation management, investment advisor, among others. He previously developed as a stockbroker, investment fund manager, trader and analyst.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express