NFT Studios – The platform that is revolutionizing the world of NFTs and blockchain art.

NFT Studios is making its mark in the world of NFTs by enabling creators, artists, brands and businesses to get their unique works published and distributed on the blockchain. Find out how this innovative platform is changing the landscape of art and blockchain technology in this article.

NFT Studios stands out as a project that provides Web3 solutions for companies and creators. The goal is to create planning and development services with blockchain technology to enable brands and artists to reach their audiences and deliver innovative and impactful digital experiences.

How NFT Studios’ unique approach is transforming the creation and distribution of NFT artwork in the digital age

NFT Studios uses the power of blockchain technology to help brands and digital creators enter the Web3 world by creating and launching innovative projects that impact communities.

Its main characteristics to achieve these projects are the following:

  • Strategy: At this point, NFT Studios defines the strategy, scope and roadmap for your Web3 project based on your specific objectives. The goal is to achieve global and long-term ideas that provide real value for people.

  • Development: Here we build from scratch all the technology required to carry out the project. NFT Studios is characterized by developing robust, secure and high performance solutions.

  • Launch: This is the third most important feature of NFT Studios which works to set up and ensure a successful and smooth launch. The team of this company provides full support during the whole process and prepares the product to take it into action.

  • Growth: The last item is based on scaling the project through meaningful connections with the right partners and communities. The goal is for the project to continue to generate value after launch.

NFT Studios collaborates with leading artists and companies to create innovative NFT art collections.

PAK – Matter, Dynamic NFTs

NFT Studios partnered with legendary artist Pak and together they created the airdrop Matter, which is a treasure hunt experience integrated into the smart contract.In addition, the project introduced a highly innovative mechanism called dynamic NFTs, which changes the state of tokens based on user actions.

Tom Sachs – Rocket Factory, Composable NFTs

Another partnership of NFT Studios corresponds to the renowned artist Tom Sachs for the brand to be the main technological partner of his “Rocket Factory” project.

NFT Studios handled the entire technological process from strategy to execution and developed a new non-fungible token feature called “NFT Composable”, which allows users to combine parts of different NFTs and create new unique assets.

Also, together they built an immersive experience on Decentraland, which was a total success with over 11,500 owners and a total trading volume of 13,500 ETH.

TIME – TIMEPieces, From Web2 to Web3

On this occasion, NFT Studios collaborated with TIME to create and launch the first NFT drop called TIMEPieces. It included 4676 NFT artworks by more than 40 artists.

In addition, NFT Studios helped TIME define the project strategy and built the technology from scratch. A custom smart contract was developed alongside the TIMEPieces website and successfully integrated with OpenSea. Finally, the collection managed to sell out in a matter of minutes and has over 3000 owners, generating around 10000 ETH in total traded volume.

Hackatao / Sotheby’s / AMD – Queens+Kings, Customizable NFTs

NFT Studios’ fourth work is a partnership with digital artist Hackatao, auction house Sotheby’s and AMD to create and launch a unique avatar project called Queens+Kings. This collaboration included innovative technology that allows collectors to customize their avatars in NFT’s format and combine different traits.

Also, a web platform was designed and built entirely from scratch to support the project, which ended up generating 2800 ETH in primary sales and over 2400 unique owners.

MetaResidence / ONE Sotheby’s – MetaReal Mansion, First Phygital Home

This partnership with ONE Sotheby’s International Realty and MetaResidence was made to create the first MetaReal mansion, consisting of a real-world luxury home located in Miami, but with the particularity of having a fully interactive digital twin in The Sandbox Metaverse, which also obtained a title deed to the real house.

Both the royal mansion, and its digital twin, will be sold together via an NFT auction that will take place on the Ethereum blockchain in 2023 (no date confirmed yet).

Consensys – Consensys HQ, Metaverse Headquarters

NFT Studios’ latest case study is partnering with ConsenSys, one of the leading Web3 companies in the ecosystem, to build a massive headquarters in Decentraland in record time.

ConsenSys’ goal was to create a virtual office in the Metaverse in which the company’s teams could meet and showcase their digital product portfolio. In addition, NFT Studios took care of the design, planning and execution of this large project in only 45 days and worked together with ConsenSys to develop the virtual building as quickly as possible and ensuring the highest quality for the final delivery.

Learn about the history of NFT Studios

NFT Studios launched its first NFT project in early 2018 and since then, it is committed to creating solutions and providing value to different blockchain technology industries such as NFTs and the Metaverse.

Since the project’s inception, NFT Studios has been developing cutting-edge technologies and creating new and innovative digital experiences. Also, they are constantly working to achieve the adoption of Web3 technology, learning about it and evolving with the industry.

NFT Studios: Discover the services of this leading blockchain and NFT solutions company.

Below, I will review the various services offered by NFT Studios that, thanks to blockchain technology, are constantly helping artists, creators, brands and companies to create NFT products and launch totally innovative projects for their communities.

NFT Strategy: Here, NFT Studio is responsible for defining a strategy, possible scope and roadmap for the Web3 project. The goal is to deliver real value for people and in turn, a significant impact on the business.

Customized smart contracts: NFT Studios’ smart contracts are secure for the NFT project and are customizable and adaptable to the requirements of the project.

Innovative NFTs: NFT Studios’ innovative NFTs have already been seen in previous work such as the Pak Artist’s dynamic non-fungible tokens. Also, it’s good to know that NFT Studios’ motto is “to make any unusual idea or project you have in mind a reality”.

Metaverse Experience: This service provides an enhanced experience and presence in the Metaverse through a unique immersive experience for the project’s specific audience.

Web3 Development: NFT Studios’ Web3 development is highly effective, as, performance and usability is seamlessly integrated into any website. Also, NFT Studios uses the latest blockchain technologies and plugins.

Community setup: Finally, NFT Studios sets up a Discord server with the moderators dedicated exclusively to the particular project so that the experience is 100% effective and there is a closer relationship between the project and the community on a daily basis.

NFT Studios participates in the NFT Paris 2023 festival: Find out the details!

Finally, the news that NFT Studios will be present with an exclusive stand at the NFT Paris. This event will take place on February 24th and 25th in the capital of France and will be held at Le Grand Palais where there will be world renowned companies such as Samsung, Roche Bobois, Bitski, Unpaired, MoonPay, and many more.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.