Toonstar’s third animated series, ‘Space Junk’, powered by NFTs and backed by Hollywood stars

Space Junk, is the new animated TV series from Web3 training studio Toonstar. It will be powered through non-fungible tokens and is the third created by this project after the release of ‘The Gimmicks’ and ‘House of Chico’.

Following the release of ‘The Gimmicks‘ y ‘House of Chico‘, Web3 entertainment studio Toonstar unveiled its third animated television series that will be powered by the technology provided by NFTs and will be titled ‘Space Junk‘.

Toonstar secured the partnership with Dominic Russothe co-creator of Workaholics, Jon Hederactor from such films as Napoleon Dynamite and Tony Cavalerowho worked on series such as The Righteous Gemstones.

Space Junk is an adult animated comedy about the workplace of various garbage collectors in space. The series was created and written by Dominic Russo and stars Heder and Cavalero.

In addition, this animation will be released worldwide at Consensus 2023 and the episodes will be available for viewing starting May 19. However, on the official website of the project you can already see the first trailer that the company prepared to encourage fans to know what the new series will be about.

The big news about this new Toonstar project is that the comedy will be backed by NFTs, so viewers, fans and those interested in this new series will be able to connect with the show and its characters in a new and completely innovative way in the entertainment industry.

The non-fungible tokens of ‘Space Junk‘ will be minted via the blockchain. Theta and fans of the show will have the ability to participate in narrative development, create their own stories and characters, and participate in multiple unique experiences for NFT owners.

In addition, it was confirmed that the NFT collection is scheduled and available for mint starting next May 15. Each non-fungible token is estimated to be worth approximately $20 US dollars.

Also, Toonstar plans to release the episodes on a biweekly basis, and the full season consists of eight episodes of up to 14 minutes maximum. The episodes will be released on the official website starting on May 19.

Another innovative new feature Toonstar will introduce in ‘Space Junk’ is a character voiced entirely by AI voice-generated software. The protagonist will be a robot named “Wellbecca“.

In addition, those who purchase NFTs from the collection will have the opportunity to interact directly with the character, giving fans another new way to connect with the show in a new and never-before-seen way.

Space Junk will be the third original series from Web3 studio Toonstar. Previously, they had released the shows ‘The Gimmicks’ and ‘House of Chico’. Toonstar was founded by John Attanasio y Luisa Huangformer employees of Dreamworks, Disney and Warner Bros.

Toonstar’s storytelling models give NFT holders the ability to participate in the development and production of episodes, create their own characters and stories, and participate in a host of exclusive fan experiences.

Attanasio commented on the new series and said that each release will be driven by NFT technology with the goal of expanding opportunities for creators and fans to engage with the story world and participate in building successful new IP.

He also added that with ‘Space Junk‘ will be about combining great content with the game that will launch a new model of interactive entertainment enabled exclusively for Web3.

Andrea BerryDirector of Business and Development at Theta Labs, also spoke about the partnership with Toonstar on Space Junk for the launch of the non-fungible tokens. She said that they are thrilled about the partnership as, the series will demonstrate that the entertainment industry is 100% compatible with using blockchain technology and at the same time, continue to empower creators and fans to engage in new ways to interact with projects and brands.

On the other hand, he commented that Toonstar, as a content company, has a great understanding of the power of the technology provided by the entire Web3 ecosystem and together they have been able to execute the vision of the project in an impressive way.

Finally, Berry concluded his remarks by saying that Theta Labs considers the company founded by Jonn Attanasio and Luisa Huang as a valuable brand that develops technology and is trying to offer a dynamic and interactive experience through an innovative NFT project that has rarely been seen so far.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.