MyNFT to offer first NFT vending machine

They announce the implementation of an NFT vending machine that will facilitate the purchase of non-fungible tokens for anyone, without the need for them to be an expert in the field.

Following the huge boom in non-fungible tokens throughout 2021, and the successive accessions of numerous companies with NFT projects during 2022, a new implementation for NFTs has been unveiled.

As we already know, non-fungible tokens are a digital representation of a unique asset, which may or may not have its backing in real life. There are several tokenization projects, which have a real object as a backing, and we can mention as an example those that have a correlation with physical works of art, or products such as wines, among many other utilities.

According to studies by the BlueWeave company, the NFT world is projected to have an annual growth rate of approximately 25% between 2022 and 2028.

NFT’s multichain marketplace“myNFT“, announced that it will launch its physical NFT vending machine between November 2-4 this year, at the NFT.London event.

This platform aims to offer an agile and accessible way for users who want to trade cryptoassets, without the need to be an expert in the web3 field. This machine will allow people to acquire a non-fungible token, without the need to have a wallet for this purpose.

myNFT is developed by the company Perpetual Altruism, a pioneer in the NFT field, and also creator of the charitable publisher NFT Cryptograph, among other products.

The company Perpetual Altruism has major investors behind it, as well as grants it has received from the Web3 Foundation and Moonbeam for its work in decentralization.

Those interested in purchasing an NFT through the myNFT vending machine will have to choose one of the envelopes on display, and then select the code provided. After making the payment, which can be done through Apple Play, Google Play, or other contactless payment methods, the next step will be to scan the QR code on the envelope, and it will contain an invitation to create an account on the myNFT platform, with a wallet where they will receive the NFT they have purchased.

In this way, the user, after completing the steps detailed above, will receive his NFT in the wallet that will be linked to his myNFT account. This platform will offer a range of collections, including some designed by brands such as Thunderbirds, Delft Blue Night Watch, among others.

In this sense, the CEO of the myNFT platform, Hugo Mcdonaugh, expressed that the most accessible way to buy an object is through a vending machine, and that is why they come to break the conception that acquiring an NFT is complex.

As we communicated at the beginning of the article, this physical NFT vending machine will be located outside the venue of the NFT.London event, which will be held in Westminster.

One of the concerns is what would be the destination of the funds obtained from the sales of NFTs through this machine. The company has announced that the proceeds from the machine will be donated to Giveth, a blockchain-based community whose purpose is to fund public goods, education in various nations, and also to Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity.

With this kind of news we can see how through various events related to blockchain, metaverse, NFT and web3, they drive millions of people around the world to understand the crypto ecosystem, and to be part of the mass adoption.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express