Moonpay and Universal Studio partner to launch 7 million NFTs

MoonPay, the cryptocurrency buying and selling company founded in 2019, partnered with Universal Studio amusement parks with the goal of launching 7 million NFTs for people touring the theme parks located in the United States.

MoonPay has entered into a strategic alliance with Universal Parks & Resorts to present the largest NFT collection in the theme parks of one of the entertainment giants. The collection will be 7 million NFTs and will be for visitors to the California and Orlando parks. The non-fungible tokens will be created as part of the Halloween Horror Nights festivities and at the same time will result in a game recognized by all generations: “The Treasure Hunt”.

The goal of MoonPay’s CEO, Ivan Soto-Wright, who broke the news in a conversation with NFTnowUniversal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort to achieve mass adoption of NFTs and Web3.

This initiative by MoonPay began to be implemented on September 15 and will take place until the beginning of November so that everyone who passes through Universal Studios amusement parks can take away unique and innovative experiences such as NFTs and Web3.

What are the experiences?

Beyond being approximately 7 million NFTs, the digital assets will be scattered throughout the park and in total there will be seven different QRs. Each QR contains different NFTs and can be scanned with any smart phone.

These non-fungible tokens are especially based on the proof-of-attendance protocol (POAP), which is undoubtedly one of the best ways the ecosystem presents for proof of physical minter presence at the particular location, date and time. NFT POAPs enable more immersive and memorable experiences at events (especially tied to the crypto industry).

On the other hand, only visitors who obtain the seven unique characters will have the opportunity to choose the eighth token, which will be the key to obtain additional benefits.

Ivan Soto-Wright, also confirmed that it will not be necessary to be a crypto nerd, since, the “hunt NFTs” challenge and all the technical aspects will be handled by the platform HyperMint of MoonPay (including the creation and setup of a crypto wallet for the minted NFTs).

Semyon Germanovich, Co-Founder and General Manager of HyperMint, added that the collaboration with Universal Studio will mark a paradigm shift for large companies, as they will become interested in NFT technology and the creation of collections that generate real-world utility for their users.

While most people are still unaware of what the web3 really is and continue with their traditional web2 oriented habits, the experience they will have at Universal Studio’s amusement parks will surely lead to the next level of awareness and adoption of these new emerging technologies.

According to informed sources, it has been reported that the partnership between MoonPay and one of the largest entertainment companies will not remain only in this collection of seven million NFTs, but it is likely that there will also be a NFT ticketing for the different interactive events that the two companies will generate in the future.

Finally, if you plan to attend Halloween Horror Night at Californio or Orlando Universal Park, you will be able to participate in the “NFT scavenger hunt” and get the coveted eighth NFT after getting the previous seven in the collection to participate in the great benefits that will bring the companies that created the largest collection of NFTs ever!

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.