MNFTM: An NFT marketplace promoting ethnic diversity

This NFT trading platform has one differentiator that sets it apart, and that is to provide a completely favorable experience for ethnically diverse artists and collectors around the world.

MNFTM is both a marketplace and a community for creators of all origins around the world. It is the first platform of its kind developed to exhibit works of African descent and different ethnic minorities.

Its main objective is to create a marketplace and NFT community that contributes to diversity and brings light to artists and creators of all backgrounds. The platform succeeds in representing approaches that make a difference in the ever-evolving digital economy.

Artists will be able to exhibit their artwork through the platform, aimed at viewing by people around the world, using the tools provided by new Web3 technologies.

Within the platform’s official press release, Ed Ukaonu, CEO and founder of MNFTM, states that one of its purposes is to create a marketplace and an NFT community that successfully builds on diversity and gives creators of all ethnicities around the world the opportunity to showcase their work.

In this way, MNFTM is revolutionizing the NFT ecosystem by becoming the first marketplace with differentiating perspectives in today’s digital economy. Initially, MNFTM’s focus will be on art, music, videos and collectibles from artists worldwide.

In addition, this marketplace will make use of the Metaverse to provide immersive user experiences, as well as offer a wide range of services, such as non-fungible tokenization, marketing, pricing indicators, portfolio tracking, and many more.

The platform’s business model is to provide a complete service for creators, artists and collectors. One of its objectives is to set up a digital art gallery and an amphitheater in Comearth, in order to exhibit works and provide exclusive arts events.

One of the greatest benefits for this group of creators and artists is that by using the technology offered by the NFTs, they are guaranteed that their works cannot be duplicated, counterfeited, or monetized illegally or fraudulently.

In this sense, it can be concluded that the MNFTM team aims to provide a complete experience, both for creators and collectors. The range of services offered includes tutoring and guidance to creators, as well as education for users and potential buyers.

In general terms, they aim to guarantee the retention of both parties, providing a complete and personalized experience for all types of users. Regarding benefits, we will be able to find discounts, airdrops for premium collectors, and even VIP passes for events, either within the metaverse or in real life.

On their website, they have a section exclusively dedicated to Community Guidelines. In it they emphasize above all things mutual respect between creators and collectors, being guided by values such as kindness and inclusion.

In this way, they seek to create an open cultural community, where all members agree to the rules and are directed towards creating a welcoming community for all.

Likewise, they invite all those interested in being part of the community to access their official channels in their social networks, to become members of MNFTM, such as Discord, Instagram y Twitter.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express