MINTangible revolutionizes the NFT intellectual property arena

The company has announced a breakthrough blockchain solution that allows creators and brands the ability to link Intellectual Property licenses to their NFTs.

MINTangible is a leading Richmond VA based company specializing in intellectual property rights and rights in the Web3 ecosystem. After seeing the rise of non-fungible token lawsuits and disputes in intellectual property issues, MINTangible comes to bring a solution to minimize all these issues.

The company’s main objective is not only to solve the problems affecting the ecosystem, but also to provide solidity and strength to a Web3 developer economy, as well as to provide NFTs with features such as transparency and trust.

Specifically, MINTangible provides an innovative solution for creators of NFT collections, who in turn aim to safeguard their intellectual property rights while leveraging the potential of their works, during the expansion of the non-fungible token market.

According to the company, it is a no-code solution that allows brands, creators and marketers the ability to declare their royalty rights, as well as to structure, link and display IP rights and terms to both new and existing NFTs.

The linking of rights in Web3 is quite complex. Based on information from MINTangible, an intelligently coded intellectual property rights structure is generated, chained and linked to each NFT.

Both the collection and each token itself receive a public rights registration list where anyone can investigate what issues exist related to the intellectual property terms of their verified identity as a licensor of NFTs.

At the same time, they say that the registration services can be used in just 4 steps. First, the NFT smart contract must be entered. Then, you must select the Intellectual Property license you are looking for. Next, the applicant’s identity must be verified, and finally the application is registered on-chain.

In this way, the selected Intellectual Property terms are quickly and easily linked to the NFTs, and become easily verifiable, both for future buyers and for the entire community.

One of the investors in this novel solution is Virginia’s venture capital investment program (VIPC), the Virginia Venture Partners (VVP). Virginia Venture Partners (VVP). In doing so, they will leverage their investment to extend their entitlement solutions with API extensions to NFT’s mint platforms in order to offer MINTangible to customers.

The Collection Nomad Blvd NFT is one of the cases that has successfully implemented MINTangible’s solution to protect the intellectual property rights of both artists and owners linked to the project.

Andy Thoe, founder of Nomad, expressed the joy of having a collection of over 3000 NFTs now certified and protected, and with easy to understand terms. He also remarked that the MINTangible product is easy to use.

Greg Fishbone, attorney and founder of the collection NFT Wordlerscollection, argues that it is the most comprehensive intellectual property license and solves everything in the ecosystem.

David Blutenthal, founder of the collection NFT Phanftcollection, said that what MINTangible is doing is much needed. They are enabling a pathway for the stability of sustainable web3 rights assets.

Amyli McDaniel, CEO and founder of MINTangible, says they have designed a solution that not only addresses problems, but serves to fuel continued growth and confidence in a healthy and sustainable NFT landscape.

Using MINTangible, the user who decides to coin an NFT can do so by choosing the intellectual property terms, and they are linked to the NFT, which in turn are transferred with the NFT.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express