Microverse: The solution for NFT ecosystem communities

The company NFT BuenoArtis working on its new release “The Microverse”, a 2D world system that users can build themselves to generate NFT multiplayer experiences.

If you are an administrator or future leader of any NFT community, this article could be useful for you, since, the predominant tools to offer community experiences in the crypto ecosystem are usually both Discord and Twitter. However, these platforms are mostly text-based (or in the case of Discord, it also has voice channels), so it would be quite positive to start offering more varied services to the community.

This is where virtual spaces come into play, where your NFT community can go further and come together to enjoy different types of events.

The BuenoArt project detected this lack of more traditional virtual spaces and built a 2D platform to add unique experiences to NFT communities.

The Microversebuilt by BuenoArt, aims to become a multitude of NFT communities that “come to life”. In addition, they not only want to be a tool for NFT projects to build 2D experiences for their communities, but also, they want to be a portal for players to navigate.

Although, the project is still in beta phase (limited) and not yet open to all developers, but you can submit a form and get on the waiting list for its alpha.

One of the projects that entered the beta phase was Robopolis, a project that corresponds to one of the best-known collections of the NFT ecosystem “Robotos“It is a project that corresponds to one of the most popular collections of the NFT ecosystem, where you can see an idea of what is to come.

Key features of the Microverse platform that can be done include: creating more specific missions and events openly or with tokens, for holders of specific collection traits, etc.Over time, we will see how these virtual worlds can be spaces where communities of NFT tokens can organize and meet virtually beyond Twitter Spaces. Also, the creation of tournaments and other types of activities may be more didactic in this space.

Basic concepts of the Microverse:

Some of the foundations on which The Microverse is built can be seen in the following pages. fundamental conceptshere we review some of them:

  • Interoperability: being able to join and play in virtual worlds through any NFT you own.

  • Freedom: it is not necessary to belong to any “religion”. The art, style, playability, tokens, etc. of the owners will be able to participate in these microverses.

  • Community-centric: be accessible to a range of stakeholders that can range from artists, event managers, to global leaders of NFTs and crypto ecosystem communities.

An overview of the Robopolis world

Although it is still in beta phase, it is already possible to enter the worlds that have been created without any inconvenience. In this case we will see what the Robopolis world is like and also the steps to follow to enter.

The first thing to do is to go to microverse.bueno.art/robotos/robopolis. Then, you will be prompted to connect your preferred wallet and select the “player” or NFT of your wallet that you want to represent you in the virtual world (Metamask, Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet and Wallet Connect).

Once you’ve made your choice, you can start exploring the Robopolis world. Some of the activities available include the Robot Art Museum (where you can view works by contemporary artist Philip Colbert). RoboLobstersby contemporary artist Philip Colbert). In addition, there is a Robot Workshop, a movie theater, and much more.

As for exploring the virtual world, use the arrow keys or the screen (if you are navigating on a touch device). You will have the possibility to talk to other players using the “add message” button. Finally, the city allows you to use portals and interact with non-playable characters.

The Robopolis initial map – image by Robopolis


The Microverse is not yet quite ready to be the main focus of attention, but surely when it is ready, it will be a valuable and fun resource in the toolbox for administrators of NFT communities (of which there are many, many).

On the other hand, I don’t think it will be a replacement exclusively for Discord or Twitter, but it will be an additional and simple multiplayer platform for people to showcase their NFTs to have a good time together with other people.

Finally, as The Microverse evolves and becomes more advanced over time, it will surely unlock different activities and tools to offer communities that want to join an interactive and enjoyable space for people from all over the world to meet each other.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.