Microsoft to integrate a wallet for cryptocurrencies and NFTs into its Edge web browser

It was learned that Microsoft will launch the integration of its Web3 wallet compatible with cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens in its Edge web browser. Today at NFTexpress I explain what it is about and how you will be able to use this new wallet.

These days it became known that Microsoft is about to launch the integration of a Web3 wallet compatible with cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens in its own Edge web browser.

If you don’t know Microsoft Edge, it is the tool created by one of the most important technology companies in 2015 and since 2020 it is now available for any type of operating system.

In addition, Microsoft created it with the intention of competing with the renowned Google Chrome web browser, but is now taking a step forward in the adoption of Web3 and its underlying technologies by integrating a wallet of its own that allows for the storage of both cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Albacorethe famous software documenter has shown the first screenshots that make reference to how the user interface (UI) of Microsoft’s Web3 wallet will look like.

In them we can see an introduction page to the wallet, where Microsoft invites users to ‘encourage them to try the brand’s first Web3 wallet and provide honest feedback throughout the experience’.

Screenshot of Edge’s Web3 wallet – Source: Albacore

Apparently, the wallet will be non-custodialThe wallet will be non-custodial, meaning that users interacting with it will be able to securely hold and manage their digital assets.

It will also allow interaction with any decentralized application or DApps, since the characteristics of non-custodial wallets is to have total control of your funds without the need of an external or centralized entity. Consequently, Microsoft has chosen to integrate the wallet into the Edge browser instead of being just a browser extension as, for example, happens in Chrome and the well-known MetaMask wallet.

¿How will it be possible to buy, sell and exchange cryptoassets in the Edge wallet??

From what Albacore showed in the screenshots, with Microsoft Edge’s Web3 wallet, users will be able to do these actions via Coinbase and MoonPay. The former is one of the most well-known and popular cryptocurrency exchanges when it comes to buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Integrate the solutions of Coinbase marks an excellent starting point for my taste, since, beginners usually know first exchanges like this one and Binance as well, therefore, the security measures mark that Microsoft wants to do things correctly and time will tell if a partnership between both companies appears, since, this has not yet been confirmed or announced.

Screenshot of Edge’s Web3 wallet – Source: Albacore

On the other hand, according to Albacore, the Web3 wallet from Edge is already integrated into the browser, but not yet visible to users, as, Microsoft relies mostly on testing new features for the browser, but not releasing them publicly in a rush.

¿How will the interaction with the NFTs be?

In relation to non-fungible tokens, the user interface also looked simple. It initially welcomes users to ‘explore the digital asset markets to find the first NFT’.

Web3 wallets are indispensable to be able to interact with NFTs, as they are the users’ bridge to a secure solution to store and manage their digital assets. In addition, Web3 wallets are also commonly used in this decentralized ecosystem to buy non-fungible tokens and trade them in various marketplaces.

Screenshot of Edge’s Web3 wallet – Source: Albacore

Microsoft’s relationship with Blockchain technology

Microsoft in response to the economic downturn has chosen to shift its attention to other projects and has dropped the previously proposed initiative to develop services in the Metaverse. This cost it the layoff of a large number of people (estimated to be approximately 100).

However, one of the largest technology companies has said that Metaverse projects are only paused. Consequently, it can be believed that by launching this Web3 wallet for its users they are still indirectly working with blockchain and its underlying technologies.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.