Metaverse was the star of CES 2023

Immersive experiences for major brands to attract new customers remains their main objective, as they have expressed at the world’s largest technology event: CES 2023.

In the largest technological event held in Las Vegas, different advances have been demonstrated to show the future projection that awaits us with respect to the metaverse. More than 3,000 companies were able to participate in this event to show their different projects.

CES 2023 was held from January 3 to 8. The show started on Tuesday for the press, but officially started on Thursday for the public.

On this occasion, different projects and devices were presented to achieve new immersive experiences in the metaverse, and bringing new use cases. In this way, it could be seen that the metaverse is not only oriented to gaming, but there are also projects for software-defined vehicles, among others.

At this particular event, there were approximately 28 different categories related to the metaverse, such as accessibility, hardware, cybersecurity, health, photography, sports, food, gaming, home appliances, and many more fields.

Regarding the metaverse, many companies take advantage of it to showcase their capabilities to develop replicas or unique digital space, so different use cases can be provided, which can be related to linking homes, visits to different museums, tourism, healthcare, etc.

The following is a brief description of the most important projects that were presented at CES 2023:


This is a company backed by Audi, which seeks to bring the Metaverse experience to vehicles. Currently, they market virtual reality headsets, which allow passengers to watch movies or play video games. On this occasion, they presented the “Motorverse” experience, through which people will be able to connect with their own cars by means of different video games.

This company uses virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the blockchain platform MultiversXformerly known as Elrond, to enable people to enjoy different immersive experiences while riding in the back seat of a vehicle in the virtual world.


The French equipment manufacturer has created a system that allows the driver or passenger to stand in front of a screen and interact with their environment. This system is used with a helmet, but without commands. In case the sensors determine that you are stressed, it can offer you a relaxation session with sounds and images for this purpose.

Ghaya Khemiri, director of the project, explained that they are working a lot on electric vehicles and autonomous versions as well. He also mentioned that this project is geared for passengers or drivers who are taking a break, such as when charging an electric vehicle.


It is a device to capture facial expressions of a person, and then transfer them accurately to the virtual world. It uses an image scanning mechanism, so it will leave aside the current avatars, in order to provide more realistic experiences.


The German company presented a prototype vehicle that reinvents the human-machine relationship, as stated by CEO Oliver Zipse. At the same time, Oliver remarked that the “i Vision Dee” prototype will have its own personality, a digital soul and facial expressions.

Also, this BMW vehicle will be linked to the company’s self-developed metaverse platform, called “JoyTopia“.

LG and HTC

LG announced a tie-up with Orbitin order to transfer its metaverse experiences to smart TVs. At this event, it presented the new LG OLED T, a transparent TV that will allow to see clearly those objects that are behind the screen, as it is composed of 55-inch anti-reflective glass.

On the other hand, the company HTC presented a virtual reality helmet called Vive XR Elite, which will give thousands of people the possibility of entering the metaverse.


In this case, the famous marketplace OpenSea has joined Arbitrum Nova’s Data Availability Committee (DAC). OpenSea had announced months ago the integration of such blockchain to its ecosystem.

Users of the platform will be able to classify the NFTs and different collectibles that are developed on the Nova network, under the Arbitrum chain filter.


The major vehicle manufacturer has launched the so-called “Metaverso Dealership” in Italy. Through it, potential customers will be able to search for and even buy a vehicle online, with the help of a real-time assistant.

One of the relevant issues they will offer is the possibility of examining a quite realistic replica of the vehicle, opening the doors, touching the seats and even being able to use it on streets and highways, as if it were real.

Another relevant fact is that in case of vehicle damage or breakage, a technician will be able to provide online assistance in order to perform a simple repair remotely.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.