Metanoia: The NFT-Funded Series Revolutionizing Entertainment

It is a series directed by Luisa Orozco and its first collection will be released on February 28. The most relevant aspect is its financing methodology, which is driven by non-fungible tokens.

We can see over the last few months that the use cases of non-fungible tokens are still present in the most relevant news and consulted by users around the world, regardless of the country concerned.

On this occasion, a new way of implementing NFTs has caused a lot of repercussions, which may be the right kick-off for its future application in the film and entertainment industry.

Metanoia is a new audiovisual series, whose content is oriented to psychological drama, being the first production financed through non-fungible tokens in Latin America.

This series will be produced by Siembra Filmswhose production director is Luisa Orozco, who is responsible for linking digital art and Web3 to audiovisual series. Among the main actors in the series are Majida Issa, Sebastián Silva and Carolina Acevedo.

Luisa Orozco referred to one of the objectives of the series, mentioning that artistic processes currently have a new way of being commercialized through digital assets, such as non-fungible tokens. The objective is to digitize the processes and be able to verify them later, which means that users can participate and be part of the community, and make history with their interaction.

In addition, Luisa mentioned that within the main lines of the plot, Metanoia reflects the process of positive transformation of the mind, as well as the struggles that we human beings release through our mind.

Regarding the team, their official website states that they are a group of creatives from different disciplines, who have come together to create a disruptive, innovative community that supports creative freedom.

In a communication between Siembra Films and NFTexpress, they have given us the scoop that the collection will include 333 assets, which include artistic photographs and images elaborated with artificial intelligence. Subsequently, from this collection will emerge a group of collectors, who in turn will be members of the community, and with whom they will create the series.

This series seeks to break the traditional schemes in the audiovisual entertainment industry in Latin America. And among its most revealing and innovative details is its financing process, which will be through NFTs.

In this regard, Metanoia seeks to revolutionize the field through the use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. To this end, coinage and Spyral Labs are two marketplaces that will help make this possible.

The team offers the possibility of participating in the community through the acquisition of digital collectibles, which can be found in some of the aforementioned marketplaces.

As users obtain more NFTs, the greater the possibility of obtaining exclusive benefits that will be offered in the pre-, pro- and post-production stages of the audiovisual series.

In this way, users will be able to participate in the project, in addition to receiving various benefits. An exclusive benefit is the possibility of being part of the Metanoia VIP community.

Another detail that was revealed by the team is that by acquiring some NFTs it will be possible to access physical points of the series in Bogota, but in case of not having the possibility of attending in person, experiences will be delivered in digital format.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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