Metaframes to release official Diego Maradona NFTs

MetaFrames, the London-based startup has acquired the entertainment and image rights to the Argentine star and will launch a collection of 5000 “Access Pass” NFTs designed by renowned sports artist, Paul Trevillion.

Undoubtedly, for soccer fans, Diego Armando Maradona is a religion, during his sports career he has crossed barriers and reached the heart of every lover of this sport. Before and after his death, the name and image of for many “the best player in history” has been owned by Sattvica SA, founded in Argentina in 2015 by Maradona himself and his lawyer Matias Morla.

Currently, it has been announced that Sattvica SA has entered into an alliance with Podium Ventures and have created what was named as “Maradona Global”, with the aim of working in entertainment, consumer products, gaming, e-sports, apparel and many more services, but will also accommodate emerging technologies that are emerging such as Augmented Reality, Web3 and NFTs.

For its part, MetaFramesMetaFrames, a London-based startup, has a vision of supporting and promoting the maker economy. This company is building a decentralized and secure platform for artists who want to connect with fans and iconic brands. Users will be able to create, collect, select and connect with each other. MetaFrames Creative Studios, is the creative team that the company has for artists, game designers and blockchain developers, who will offer solutions to different brands with the goal of entering the metaverse with content creation and licensed experience for users to interact in a secure and official environment as is the case of Maradona’s NFTs.

The project has already been promoted in the well-known metaverse Decentraland and in the official Twitter of the project you will be able to follow all the news and updates that will be released OMFC (Official Maradona FanClub).

What is this official Diego A. Maradona project about?

To begin with, it is important to know that MetaFrames launched the page MaradonaOfficialwhich will be in charge of sharing all the news and updates of this project along with its social networks. Subsequently, the Roadmap is as follows: MetaFrames will launch a collection of 5000 individual “Access Pass” NFTs 100% related to Diego Maradona. These non-fungible tokens will have three levels of rarity: Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium and will be unveiled on September 22nd. It is worth adding that the digital assets will be carefully designed by one of the best and most successful sports artists, Paul Trevillion.

Following the launch of the “Access Pass” collection, NFT holders will receive a mysterious briefcase, destined for the Qatar World Cup.

Likewise, its content will be a strictly guarded secret until MetaFrames reveals its final form.

What is known is that owners of NFTs will receive lifetime benefits from OMFC, including access to airdrops, lifetime discounts for official Maradona merchandise (Platinum 10%, Palladium 15% and Rhodium 20%), exclusive WhiteList spots for future projects, exclusive access to Goal Rev, a soccer game to be released by MetaFrames, and priority access to Diego Maradona-related content and experiences.

The biggest benefit that will be provided is the chance to win one of two all-expenses-paid trips to the World Cup Final to be held between November and December this year. This prize will be awarded to 10% of all NFT holders who also participate in the additional stage 2 through an airdrop that will be made after the first 5000 non-fungible tokens are released. MetaFrames will reveal the winners of this grand prize on October 30, Diego Armando Maradona’s birthday. Consequently, those lucky enough to win will go directly to Qatar and will be special guests of the Maradona Worldwide.

MetaFrames partnered with a soccer management game in NFTs format.

In addition to everything we went over, the English startup has an alliance with the team from Goal RevGoal Rev, a tactical and immersive soccer management game that will give users a unique experience thanks to blockchain technology, web3 and NFTs. The game aims to train a number of players in non-fungible token formats as they compete and generate level ups to take on increasingly powerful teams.

OMFC will play a key role within the game, as the official Goal Rev platform has not yet been unveiled, but holders of NFTs from the official Maradona collection will have the opportunity to mint the first “MetaToys”, a set of characters in digital boxes that will represent different soccer players within the game.

Upcoming benefits for the OMFC community

In the future OMFC will continue to develop with the goal of providing a deep and meaningful experience for fans. To participate in all this you can fill out this form and wait to receive the news, as well as if you are accepted to participate in this first NFT collection of 5000 digital assets.

In addition, community members will have the opportunity to mint other NFTs as they are released, compete in different contests and visit an expertly curated art gallery.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.