Meta History to deliver NFTs to the world’s most famous museums

14 of the world’s best-known museums will get a gift from Meta History, the NFT art museum created exclusively to help Ukraine and the war with Russia.

For each of the 14 museums chosen by Meta HistoryFor each of the 14 museums chosen by Meta History, unique NFTs will be delivered in a 3D format inspired by the image that was presented after viewing a bombed area called Borodyanka, an urban-type settlement in Bucha Raion in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The NFT in question is a digital copy of a famous piece of pottery, which survived one of the intentional occupations by Russia in March this year. From Ukraine, this piece is a symbol of the resistance of Ukrainians. Consequently, the museum will try to turn it into an emblem of the unity of the nation in the form of art, which knows neither gestures nor words.

The first museums that will accept this donation from Meta History are: the Latvian National Art Museumand the National Art Museum of Ukraine. Then, it has been known that each NFT work will be presented in entities such as: Centre Pompidou, Prado, MoMA, Whitnet, Guggenheim, New Museum of Contemporary Art, MCAC, MACBA, NAMU, Berardo y KUMU.

“Incredible Rooster” is the 3D model that will be given away by Meta History: Museum of War.

The basis for the painting of the “cockerel” was made by the well-known Latvian artist Gints Gabrānswho has already had the opportunity to participate and exhibit his works in many museums around the world. From now on, he will not only be known for his contemporary works, but also for his collaboration with the first NFT art that will represent the union between Ukrainian and Latvian cultural heritage.

Gints Gabrāns was delighted to join this project that explores virtual art to support freedom, preserve cultural heritage and revive Ukraine in a certain way.

The Latvian National Museum of Art expressed their gratitude for this gift, which signifies the strengthening of the Latvian-Ukrainian partnership. They also added that this combination of cultural symbols between countries shows a clear example of a free world. Finally, they spoke about the NFTs and were in favor of this new technology that makes it possible to present art anywhere and at any time so that people can have a more direct interaction with artistic works of different kinds.

The NFTs that make up this collection for charitable purposes will appear on the museums’ websites as they are delivered to the respective museums. This is done with the aim of attracting and drawing the attention of art lovers to the cultural symbol of the Ukrainian struggle against the war already known to the whole world.

Real image of the rooster on the upper left side of the cabinet.

To celebrate the first two museums receiving the NFT gift, Meta History organized a virtual event to be attended by influential people such as the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, representatives of the two museums and the project team. Participants will discuss the importance of this activity and how it generates a great strengthening of ties between countries. In addition, they will address the issue of NFTs and how they can be a bridge for the fusion of culture and art space.

VK, founder of the Meta History Museum, said that this NFT art museum has the potential to become a bridge between Ukrainian and world culture. He also said that NFTs are a powerful tool for creating truth and benefiting the state that has had such a hard time. Finally, he ended his words by saying that the “Incredible Rooster” project aims to be presented in the future by the President and the First Lady of Ukraine to generate record amounts of money, since the whole Meta History initiative has charitable purposes to help Ukraine after the war with Russia.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.