Discover how Mastercard’s NFT program helps artists transform the music industry

It is part of its new program called Mastercard Artist Accelerator, which seeks to help and encourage musicians through the power of blockchain technology.

It is notorious the power that Web3 offers to drive the growth of various fields, in addition to accelerating the pace of changes that will modify the way we relate, interact, among other things.

But it is not only revolutionizing the field of individuals, but also that of governments and companies, changing the way they communicate, serve and even the way they build trust for their recipients or consumers.

This time, it’s a great initiative by Mastercard to help musicians through a program of its own company’s own program company’s own program, taking advantage of the implementation of blockchain technology and NFTs.

This is not the first time that NFTs and Web3 have been linked to the field of music. To name a recent case, we can cite the novelty that we communicated from NFTexpress in January 2023, regarding the merger of three major industries, such as music, NFTs and DAOs.

In this opportunity, Mastercard is experimenting with the benefits offered by Web3 technology, in order to expand its activities and bet on the future.

Mastercard Artist Accelerator Program

On April 12, during the event NFT NYC 2023Mastercard announced the launch of a free, time-limited NFT called Music Pass NFT, whose main utility is the activation of its new Web3 music program called Mastercard Artist Accelerator.

In this way, the company seeks to help Web3 musicians gain access to various resources that can boost their professional careers. The main motto is based on connecting musicians with their passion for music, by offering tools to create and monetize their work, while they retain control.

The Mastercard Artist Accelerator program consists of a platform that offers free educational materials, as well as AI tools and experiences to enhance music development. We say it is time-limited, as musicians and fans have until the end of April to redeem the NFT Music Pass.

This initiative has been developed together with the company Polygon, with the aim of providing access to more people to the digital transformation of music.

The Mastercard company has been supporting the music industry in recent years, as evidenced by its sponsorship of events such as the Grammy Awards, Brit Awards, and even the Sonic Latin America event, the first LATAM festival to be held in the metaverse.

Raja Rajamannar, Global CMO and president of Mastercard’s Health division, said that as a company they aspire to help people and partners understand and trust the way blockchain and digital assets are used.

He went on to add that they believe Web3 can be a tool to connect people, as well as develop a community around shared passions globally.

Another relevant fact is that Mastercard has invited five artists from different regions of the world to participate in this program. These artists will be guided by mentors to create music using AI, learn blockchain tools, monetize their work, build their Web3 community, among many other things.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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