Mark Zuckerberg: Selling his baseball card as NFT

Meta co-founder and Instagram owner Mark Zuckerberg and his signed minor league baseball card from when he was a kid will be sold as a non-fungible token.

Mark Zuckerberg in 1992, when he was only 8 years old, attended Elmwood Camp in Westchester County, New York. His mother designed this card for him, which at the time was collected by kids his age, but it featured the great players of the time such as Dennis Eckersley and Barry Bonds, among many others.

He dreamed of making it to the big leagues, but he did it from another point of view. Today, Mark Zuckerberg is not a baseball player, but he is the co-founder of Meta (formerly Facebook) and owner of Instagram, the most used social networks these days. He is one of the most important and powerful people in the world, but in 1992 when he was just a kid, and upon arriving from playing his big game where he got his own personalized card, Mark, signed in a kind of joke and dreaming of being important someday gave it to Allie Tarantino, his favorite advisor.

Now Allie, after almost 30 years and in close collaboration with Comic Connectone of the most recognized authorities in the world of collectibles, more specifically comics, have been waiting for the right opportunity to reveal it. The time has come!

Allie never expected to have in her possession the first and only rookie card from the world’s tech giant signed by the genius mind behind Meta, Mark Zuckerberg. Now between her and Comic Connect, they will bring this unique piece to the NFT market.

It will be an auction, but the exact date of the auction has not yet been given. As important data to keep in mind about whether the card is one hundred percent true, several recognition techniques have been done.

Both the original 1992 card and the signature include authentication by leading industry experts, including John Reznikoffpresident of University Archives y Dave Foreman of SGC.

The auction will be in two different formats. The physical card, which will be through USD, while there will also be the auction in NFT format. The asset will be unique and unrepeatable and everything will be verified on the Ethereum blockchain, therefore, the sale will be through Ether, the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain.

From Comic Connect they are looking to remove the barrier that digital assets can have as much value as physical ones and remove concerns about quality, proper storage and authentication. That’s why with the Zuckerberg card NFT, the holder will include the original authentication documents, as well as several “extras” to help tell the backstory and provide the necessary credibility for the future, as this NFT collection is sure to increase in value over time.

Finally, this launch comes days after Mark Zuckerberg himself broke the news that Instagram will extend its involvement in the web3 by expanding the use of NFTs to more than 100 countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and America with partnerships with Coinbase Wallet, Dapper and Flow, the latter, a cryptocurrency that has risen more than 15% in value as of the day of making this article following the announcement on his twitter account of Meta Newsroom.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.