Mandala Club launched NFT memberships with several benefits

Mandala Club is a home of conversation, creation and connection located in Asia, more specifically in Singapore. Now, they presented “Genesis Pass”, a digital membership in NFT format that provides different benefits for its owners.

Mandala Club, became the latest private members club to issue memberships in the form of non-fungible tokens. Holders of these digital collectibles will have access to multiple benefits that we will review in this NFTexpress article.

As I mentioned before, the NFTs will have real world utilities and this first edition called “Genesis Pass” will have a total of 250 pieces that will be sold in a very simple way: first come, first served.

Mandala Club, also took over another private members club called Straits Clan, located in Bukit Pasoh Road, and in celebration of their first anniversary they have launched this new way to get exclusive memberships and be part of a luxury private club.

It has been several weeks since they released this collection of NFTs containing 250 digital collectibles at a value of S-$15,000 Singaporean dollars which at the time of this writing is equivalent to about $11,190 US dollars. Also, a total of 50 have been sold, meaning that 200 NFTs would remain available for purchase.

Drew Mills, director of marketing for Mandala Group, spoke about this innovative new launch by the club and said the NFTs offer insight into how Web3 is able to build new communities while at the same time influencing the culture within the private club space in another way.

He also added that there is already a super committed community of over 2,000 members and through the Genesis Passes the idea is to have 250 even more committed members.

He concluded by saying that he is delighted with Mandala Club’s bet, since, through Web3 technology, it will be possible to carry out different activities that go far beyond the four walls of the club.

Mandala Club NFTs combining physical and digital elements

With the goal of adding more value to Genesis Passes and combining physical experiences with digital tools (also known as “Phygital”), Mandala Club and its NFTs offer premium VIP access to virtual and real-life experiences such as parties, festivals, meet-and-greets, culinary events and more.

In addition, NFTs are a higher value than regular Mandala Club memberships, as the regular membership fee is S-$5500 Singaporean dollars (about $4100 U.S. dollars).

Moreover, unlike most NFTs, whose value comes mostly from speculation, the Genesis Pass has a real-life utility. This action will surely start to be seen much more this 2023 among large companies and their new services with non-fungible tokens.

Regarding the latter, Drew Mills also spoke and said that Mandala Club provides peace of mind, as you know where it is located, who are the people behind this luxury community and that you are always looking for ways to be generally useful in real life.

Roadmap for the first 12 months of privileges

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that existing Mandala Club members can “top up” their initial membership fee to convert it into a Genesis Pass, which in addition to the benefits we will go over below, also provides access to 40 reciprocal clubs within the Mandala Club network around the world such as London, Paris, Sydney, Philippines, San Francisco and many, many more.

Mandala Club has confirmed that the 12-month roadmap published on the official website is only the tip of the iceberg of what will be offered in the future.

Early Genesis Pass users were privileged to attend an intimate showcase with the Wailers, Bob Marley’s original band.

Also, last November NFT holders enjoyed a private DJ session. The party lasted about 90 minutes and there was a closed-door Meet & Greet with Grammy Award-winning artist Anderson Paak inside the Mandala Club facility.

Members of this select NFT collection can look forward to previews and private viewings of the Mandala Masters series, which features world-renowned chefs such as Michelin Mirazur of France and renowned chef Gaggan Anand.

NFT and Art

This first release contains 250 NFTs of digital and original artwork by Adelaide-based James Brown Collective, who also created and curated some of the artwork that can be found on the walls of the Mandala Club.

Lastly, they confirmed that since there is a great connection with many local artists, and some club members are also artists and know the world of NFTs, there will surely be more collaborations and an ongoing art component in the future.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.