Magic Eden launches launchpad for Polygon NFT

Magic Eden launches a new launchpad marketplace on Polygon to foster the growth and adoption of blockchain and NFT games.

The multi-chain marketplace NFT has announced the addition of new features to its platform. Thus, it incorporates a launchpad on Polygon for the commercialization of NFTs.

This attempt by Magic Eden to expand into NFT games comes days after announcing that the platform has added support for the Polygon network, as reported by NFTexpress in the respective note.

In early 2022, Magic Eden announced the launch of a similar launchpad for Solana NFT. Months later, it became the main channel for successive NFT drops on Solana, counting more than 400 SOL and ETH projects.

In this way, the marketplace inaugurated the launch of the Polygon Launchpad on December 15 with the blockchain game project “Shatterpoint“. Shatterpoint is a free-to-play multiplayer mobile game for iOS and Android devices, which has been developed by BlockGames y Estoty. Both companies are engaged in the development of web3 games for mobile devices.

In this regard, from the official Twitter account of the project “Shatterpoint”. announced the newsremarking that they are the first Polygon NFT project on Magic Eden’s Launchpad.

Subsequently, Infinite Drive will be Polygon’s next addition to Magic Eden. Infinite Drive is a NFT car racing platform for mobiles, and it is also a metaverse where you can collect cars of different vehicle brands, such as Renault, Aston Martin, among others. On the other hand, this metaverse will allow the use of NFT car collections of different brands in its platform.

Zhuoxun Yin, the COO and co-founder of Magic Eden, said they are very excited to officially bring the NFT trading and exchange platform experience seamlessly and easily to the Polygon network. Having projects with established IP and development teams, such as Shatterpoint and Infinite Drive, makes the integration even greater by reaching a wider audience.

At the same time, he remarked their position that they have predicted that Web3 games are going to be a multi-billion dollar industry, and it is very satisfying for them that Magic Eden is the platform of reference for NFT inter-chain game trading, being one of the largest multi-chain marketplaces today.

With this type of strategy, Magic Eden seeks to be the most complete multi-chain NFT marketplace of all, and consequently to attract as many new NFT games to its platform as possible.

It is worth noting that Magic Eden has recently hired Chris Akhavan, a person with a long history in the traditional gaming industry, as well as Web3, to lead the growth of the various partnerships in blockchain gaming for Magic Eden, and to support the development of new experiences for game creators and collectors.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express