Rapper Lil Durk launched his NFT collection of phygital sneakers

Rapper Lil Durk confirmed the launch of his sneaker collection called NXTG3NZ. These are NFT format footwear linked to physics in what is the artist’s first Web3 experience alongside Algorand’s blockchain.

American singer Lil Durk launched his first fashion collection on the Web3. It is a series of sneakers in the format of non-fungible tokens that will later have their physical counterparts in what is called “Phygital” projects.

This new NFT collection is called NXTG3NZ with the aim of connecting both the real and digital worlds and is intended for the Z generation that does not separate the two spaces.

The brand seeks to appeal to the next generation of fashion, as, the 3 in G3NZ symbolizes the focus on Web3 technology, while the Z represents Gen-Z, the 10-25 year old social group that has already embraced digital culture such as accessories to metaverse, NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

The value of the NFTs has not yet been confirmed, but it is already known that there will be 11,111 non-fungible tokens minted in Algorand, the blockchain designed by cryptographer Silvio Micali in 2017.

In addition, the physical sneakers will be available only to holders of NFTs, which will be marketed on the platform’s internal market. NXTG3NZwhich will be launched very soon according to the project’s official networks.

Moreover, owners of NFTs will be able to use the virtual shoes to equip their avatars in multiple metaverses and online platforms that allow it, including an open-world game to be launched by NXTG3NZ. The latter, will allow leveling up, receiving rewards and upgrading the core value of non-fungible tokens.

Also, there will be different utilities and benefits provided by the artist Lil Durk with this new collection. Among the most notable rewards are access to virtual and in-person events, entry to private Discord and Telegram communities, and access to future releases and unique contests to continue earning exclusive rewards.

Although the NFTs have not yet been released, the team behind the singer’s project has already been encouraging users to join this new collection. On March 23, a raffle was held for the chance to travel to Hawaii with all expenses paid to attend the rapper’s live concert.

In addition, they have announced a partnership with Shufl.Appan NFT marketplace dedicated to empowering the creators and communities surrounding the Algorand ecosystem.

Lil Durk’s NFT collection of phygital sneakers – source: official twitter of the project.

As I mentioned earlier, it is not yet known when the NFTs of this collection that seeks to merge the virtual world and the digital space will be minted, but the project has already launched its Twitter channels, Instagram and Discord. Also, this brand was featured by Forbes and the team has participated in several interviews with well-known people such as Gary Vee.

Finally, the manufacturing and delivery date of the physical shoes was not yet determined, however, the official website stated that they will be developed and manufactured in collaboration with industry experts who have worked for the best footwear brands in the world.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.